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Science Without Borders Program (Brazil)

Special Visiting Researcher

The scholarship program for "Special Visiting Researcher" aims to attract a senior foreign researchers recognized internationally as leadership in priority areas of Science Without Borders program, to conduct projects with Brazilian research groups and visit Brazil for up to three months each year over two to three years.


The proposals for the Special Visiting Researcher program should be focused in some specific areas such: Engineering and technological areas; Pure and Natural Sciences; Health and Biomedical Sciences; Information and Communication Technologies; Aerospace; Pharmaceuticals; Sustainable Agricultural Production; Oil, Gas and Coal; Renewable Energy; Biotechnology; Nanotechnology and New Materials; Technology for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters; Biodiversity and bioprospection; Marine Sciences; Minerals; New technologies for constructive engineering; and Formation of technical personnel.


The fellowship will cover the period from 12 to 36 months and the benefits for living expenses, research grant and flight tickets.


The proposal to receive a Special Visiting Researcher must only be submitted by the host researcher in Brazil, exclusively by internet, through the Online Application Form available in the website. Finding a partner in Brazil: http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf-eng/opportunities-for-individuals-from-abroad


Deadline: June 23rd 2014.


More information available at: http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf-eng/opportunities-for-individuals-from-abroad