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Office of International Programs

2015 Visiting Fellowship Application Process

Australian National University – Humanities Research Centre

2015 Theme: Global Languages


The history of the world is characterized by great diversity in languages and societies as small groups split off and develop their own ways of talking and interacting. This diversity has been periodically checked by the rise of larger societies and economies, created by empires, evangelism and the demands of trade and diplomacy.

The HRC is now accepting applications for the 2015 Visiting Fellowship Program.

Applicants for fellowships must have an institutional affiliation to a University or to an equivalent

research organization, and generally have at least a higher research degree or equivalent professional experience, research and publications.

Visiting Fellowships: The standard period of tenure for an HRC Visiting Fellowships is 12 weeks. The grant covers travel and accommodation. The maximum contribution for travel is $3,000 AUD.

Deadline: Monday, 15 April 2014.


More information available at: http://hrc.anu.edu.au/2015HRCVFApplicationProcess and