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Office of International Programs
304 Fairchild Hall
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Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506 

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General Instructions for Graduate Admission as an Exchange Student or a Special Agreement Student (Master's and Ph.D. Programs)

A Complete Application Consists of 7 items:

  • KSU Graduate School Application Form
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement of Purpose
  • Official Academic Documents
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Other documentation required by the academic department to which you are applying

The Kansas State University Graduate School Admission form

Do not apply on-line. Use the mailable form you can download and fill in.

  • Make sure you submit ALL required information and documentation.
  • If you are applying as a reciprocal exchange student, do not pay the application fee; this is covered by the exchange agreement. If you are applying on a special agreement with Costa Rica, Honduras, or Paraguay, you must pay the application fee.

Letters of Recommendation

These should be written by professors who know your academic work and something about you. All departments require three letters of recommendation for admission into graduate programs.

Personal Statement of Purpose

This is required by all academic departments. In about 250-500 words, please introduce yourself, your background, why you want to come to and what you plan to do as a student at KSU, and how this relates to your academic training and goals.

Official Academic Documents

To be eligible for graduate student status you must have completed academic work equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. For the German system this is at minimum equivalent of a Vordiplom plus one year of additional work. For the French system this is a Licence plus one more year of academic work toward the Maitrise. To demonstrate this you must submit degree diplomas and full transcripts* of all class work taken since high school including, if relevant, preparatory work after high school for admission to your university. If you are receiving your degree in advance of receiving your degree, submit documentation of all course work to date and indicate the date of receiving the degree. You will receive a conditional admission, but must submit your diploma and documentation of course work before you can be admitted to course work at KSU.

Academic documents such as diplomas and transcripts of course work completed are extremely important for our faculty to provide assistance and advice on course work at KSU. These documents must be original or certified/notarized and must be accompanied with a translation into English (also certified/notarized) if in any other language.

* French System: A transcript is the same as the Releve de Notes.
* German System: Your International Programs Office should be able to help you construct a transcript on a few pages based on your scheine.
* Spanish System: A transcript is the same as your Calificaciones.

Proof of English Proficiency

Students should include any recent TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS, or other test score. Some departments do not require proof of English language proficiency for admission to K-State but others do. Check with the Director of Study Abroad or the Director of International Program Support about what individual departments may or may not require. Generally, a TOEFL of 600 is sufficient for admission, bust some departments require a higher level of proficiency.

Those students who do not submit an English proficiency test score because the department does not require one, will be tested upon arrival at K-State and depending on the results may be placed into the English Language Program if their score is not high enough to take regular classes.

Financial Guarantee

tuition/fees version
tuition/fees, room and board version
resident version

Other Documentation

Some departments require specialized test scores, such as the GMAT for Business or the GRE, or higher TOEFL scores than the minimum required by the KSU Graduate School. Please have your host university's coordinator check with the KSU coordinators to find out what these may be for the department to which you are applying.

Return the Application to your Host University Exchange Program Coordinator, who will send it to KSU. Do not send the application to KSU yourself.

Course Schedules and Availability and Campus Information

Visit the Kansas State University website. Under "Academics" you will find the catalogues for all classes taught at Kansas State University, their descriptions, and which are being taught in the current and upcoming sessions. You will also find a lot of other information about the university, accommodation, recreation facilities, student clubs, and student and campus life.

Procedural Notes

Your application will first be sent to the academic department which you indicate on your application. They will first determine if they can accept you. Then your application goes to the KSU Graduate School who makes sure that all the minimum requirements are satisfied for TOEFL and financial support guarantees. The Graduate School issues your letter of admission and documents for obtaining a student visa.

If you have any questions, please contact:

For Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Elizabeth Ward
Director of Study Abroad
Office of International Programs
Kansas State University
304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

785-532-6550 fax

For special agreements with Costa Rica, Honduras, and Paraguay

Dr. Barry H. Michie
Director of International Program Support
Office of International Programs
Kansas State University
304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6550 fax

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