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Affidavit of Support Undergraduate Admissions

For entry Fall 2006 Onward

(tuition/fees room and board version)

This form is extremely important. Documentation of financial support is required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and allows KSU to issue the papers you use for obtaining a student visa.

You must provide proof of financial support for the period you plan to come to KSU under the exchange program. Under the provisions of the exchange agreement on which you are coming to KSU, you do not have to pay for tuition, fees or room and board at KSU. This substantially reduces the total costs for which you would otherwise be required to provide proof of support. You must have sufficient resources to cover the costs of books, insurance, and other personal expenses. The amounts the KSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions calculates to cover these expenses are:

$2,050 for one semester
$4,100 for two semesters
$1,550 for the summer session
$5,450 for 12 months OR if you are coming for spring semester of one academic year and also the fall semester of the next academic year.

Section - Statement from Sponsor

Fill in the blanks. Calculate the amount for which you must provide proof of financial support from the cost information given above. Enter that amount above the $32,315 on the affidavit form.

Section - Statement From a Bank or Financial Institution

Have a bank or other such financial institution complete this with proper signature and seals/stamps. Alternately, the same information may be written and signed/sealed on the institution's stationery.