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Office of International Programs
304 Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier Street
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506 

785-532-6550 fax

Office of International Programs News

The Office of International Programs is announcing Last Call for international incentive grant proposals for spring 2016. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. Friday, February 12th


"Now is a great time to apply for additional award dollars to implement unique study and research learning opportunities that will benefit their students, departments and international collaborations," said Marcellus Caldas, Assistant Provost International Faculty Collaborations and Educational Programs.The  international incentive grants  promote internationalization of Kansas State University. The total award amount for this round of grant proposals is $35,000 — an increase of $10,000 from past years. 

The majority of individual grants given fall between $1,000 to $3,000 — joint proposals may have a higher limit.

Proposal categories:
A) International Faculty Collaborations and Partnership Building Incentive Grant 
B) International Global Learning Opportunities Grant 
C) *Experimental Short Term Co-Teaching International Incentive Grant (Click for more details)

Last call!
For additional information or questions: 
Marcellus Caldas; caldasma@k-state.edu or 532-1244
or http://www.k-state.edu/oip/funding/grants.html