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International Admissions and Recruiting


International Admissions & Recruiting

Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506-1111
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Graduate Students

K-State offers more than 125 graduate programs for you to choose from! To find the one right for you, check out our program list!

It is important to read the information for your chosen program very carefully to understand what is required.


All graduate students must complete an online application.  Before you begin, learn more about the application process for international students.

Application materials

Graduate applications are processed by individual departments and each department may require different application materials.

Contact information for each program can be found at the bottom of the program description in the Graduate Catalog. Once you have collected all of your required materials, upload them to your online graduate application.


All application materials — including online application, application fee, test scores, transcripts and financial documents — should be in the hands of the graduate program by:

  • January 8 for Fall (August) enrollment
  • August 1 for Spring (January) enrollment
  • December 1 for Summer (June) enrollment

More information

International Student Requirements

Tuition and Costs

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Graduate School
Kansas State University
103 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

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