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International Admissions and Recruiting


International Admissions & Recruiting

Kansas State University
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English Language Program

The English Language Program at Kansas State University offers 5 levels of intensive English.

Students need not start at level 1. Once a student arrives on campus, they will take the English Proficiency Test to determine the appropriate level.

  Students who wish to study for a bachelor's degree, but require English language study, may apply directly to the academic program and begin with English courses first.

Program options:
  • Academic Semester Program (4 months)
  • Intensive Summer Program (8 weeks)

A student may choose to continue enrollment for as long as they wish to study.

What the English Language Program offers:
  • Five levels of Intensive English
  • Small classes (10-17 students)
  • Experienced teachers with advanced degrees
  • Language/computer laboratory
  • Full-time: 18-19 hours of class/week (30 hours per week in intensive summer program)
    • Reading (6 hours)
    • Writing (6 hours)
    • Speaking/Listening (6 hours)
    • ELP Orientation (1 hour)
Who can attend:

The ELP accepts students who:

  • Are non-native speakers of English
  • Are at least 17 years old
  • Read and write in their own language
  • Know the Roman alphabet


Application Process:
  • Complete online application (Click "Apply Now" above)
  • Pay application fee
  • Provide a copy of passport photo page
  • Submit Affidavit of Support and bank statements (must be sent by fax or post)

Academic Calendar

Fall 2015: August 24December 18

Spring 2016: January 19–May 13

Summer 2016: May 23–August 12

Fall 2016: August 22–December 16

Spring 2017: January 17–May 12

Summer 2017: May 22–August 11

English Language Program
Kansas State University
205 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506  
785-532-6550 fax