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International Admissions and Recruiting

Congratulations on your admission!

We are excited to have you joining us on campus.


Important Dates:

Just a reminder to admitted students for Fall 2015:

Arrival week -August 10th - 14th

  • The final date for arrival in the US is August 14th, as listed on your immigration documents.
  • Sign up here for our free airport shuttle from the Manhattan Airport to campus.
    ATA shuttle bus

Orientation - August 17th- 21st

  • Orientation begins Monday morning and attendance is Mandatory
  • Enrollment in classes will take place at the end of the week
  • Official schedule coming soon

Apply now

New Students:

Sign up here for the fall airport shuttle!

 ATA shuttle bus

An airport shuttle van is available from Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK) to the  Kansas State University campus.

August 10-14- Airport Pick-up
August 14 -
Official Report date (arrive no later)
August 17 -
 Orientation Begins

Welcome Brochure

Please read your Welcome Brochure carefully!It contains information that will be important to you as you plan your travels here and begin your life as a K-State student!

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