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Office of International Programs

International Incentive Grants - Previous Recipients

February – 2015

Category A - International Faculty Collaborations and Partnership Building Incentive Grant

Dr. Ryadi Adityavarman
- $2,800
College of Architecture, Planning, and Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Product Design
Co-Host Proposal: Kansas State University & University Parahyangan Bamboo Design Workshop

Dr. Dr. Soo-Hye Han - $3,000
College of Arts & Science, Department of Communication Studies
Developing Collaborative Teaching/Exchange Partnerships in Japan

Dr. Lindsey Hulbert - $2,000
College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences &  Industry
Support for International Innovations in Animal Behavior and Welfare Research and Training in León, Spain​.

Dr. Kim Jooyoun - $2,310
College of Human Ecology, Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design
Research collaboration with Seoul National University 

Annelise Nguyen - $1,750
College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Internationalization Activities with the Vietnam National University of Agriculture

Dr. Gregory Ragland - $2,900
College of Agriculture, Department of Entomology
Building collaborations to enable coordinated studies of destructive forest pests in Europe and America 

Category B - International Global Learning Opportunities Grant

Browwyn Fees
- $4,000
College of Human Ecology, School of Family Studies and Human Services
Expanding Academic Opportunities for Students in Early Childhood Education: Building Intercultural Competence

Dr. Keith Harris - $3,128
College of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics
Experiential learning in the context of a global agribusiness value chain: The case for a study abroad tour to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Swinder Janda - $1,386
College of Business, Department of Marketing
To develop a business-focused faculty-led trip to Italy and to visit the K-State Centro Studi campus in Orvieto, Italy 

Dr. Hyung Chan Kim - $4,000
College of Human Ecology, Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design
Support to develop collaborative intersession class with Korean University 

Dr. Martha Smith-Caldas - $2,100
College of Arts & Science, Division of Biology
Evaluation of a Biology Study Abroad Program in Ecuador 

Category C - Experimental Short Term Co-Teaching International Incentive Grant 

Dr. Ted Cable - $2,000
College of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
Collaboration with University of Freiburg to Teach Advanced Environmental Interpretation 

Dr. Gabriela Diaz de Sabates - $2,000
College of Arts & Science, Department of Women Studies
A transnational approach to gender, culture, and migrations


Fall 2013 

Larry Erickson                             Chemical Engineering
International Educational Experiences in Sustainability and Sustainable Development, $2500 

David Eschar                                Exotic Pets and Zoological Medicine
Biochemical and hematological values in clinically healthy Negev Desert tortoises (Testudo Werneri), $2250 

James Hamilton                          Philosophy
The Science of Aesthetics, $3000 

Marilyn Kaff and Susan Biniecki
                                          Special Education Counseling & Student Affairs, Educational Leadership
Social justice across the curriculum: The Polish perspective, $2000 

Laura Kanost                              Modern Languages
Language and Culture Across Borders: Sustaining and Developing the KSU-UNAM Skype Partnership, $1063 

Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigao      Entomology
Collaborative research on vector biology: effect on antibodies targeting a midgut chitinase on the permeability of the peritrophic matrix, $2316 

Christopher Renner                  Modern Languages
Developing that Fine Italian Hand: Developing stronger ties between K-State and Italy, $1600 

Jeannie Sneed                           Hospitality Management and Dietetics
Costa Rican Connections:  Culture, Culinary, and Food Safety, $4000 

Reo (Myunggook) Song            Marketing
International Social Network Analysis and Text mining: Teaching Module Development and Research project, $2417 

Caroline Tushabe                       Women’s Studies
Closing the Gender Gap, Cultural Exchange, and International Research, $3000 

Spring 2013 

Alice Boyle                                    Biology
International conference participation and tropical field course development in Costa Rica, $1530 

Barbara DeSanto                        A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications
International Public Relations & Communication Experience Program, $2500 

Sherry Haar                                 Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design
Relationship with a Women's Training Center in Kerala, India, $2500 

Mark Haub                                   Human Nutrition
Visiting Scholar: Nutrition and Health in Developing Countries, $3000 

Hyung-Chan Kim with Ji Hye Kang
                                          Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design
Develop international educational programs with Korean Universities: A workshop on interior design and in-class collaboration for global apparel brand project, $3400

 Matthew Kirk                            Geology
Support for collaborative geoscience research and teaching in Costa Rica, $2831 

Greg Stevens with Raju Dandu and Kurt Barnhart
                                         K-State Salina Arts, Sciences and Business
Stretching K-State Salina’s Global Wings, $2000 

Matthew Sanderson Sociology
Immigration, Agriculture, and Rural Community Development:  A Proposal for Funding to Develop a Collaborative Relationship with the University of Adelaide (Australia), $2425

Mervi Sinikka Pakaste               Art
Study Abroad and Class Material Development in Cyprus & Finland, $2500 

Swinder Janda                           Marketing
To develop a business-focused faculty-led trip to Australia and to visit the newly opened K-State Australia office in Sydney, $2775  

Fall 2012 

Ryadi Adityavarman                  Interior Architecture & Product Design
Support for development of a study abroad program to Bali and to establish research collaboration in Indonesia, $3500 

Mahbub Alam                              Environmental Engineering
International Experiential learning by supporting rural agricultural training effort in Bangladesh, $2000 

Barbara Anderson                     Apparel Textiles & Interior Design
Develop a Relationship with Hankyong National University (Anseong, South Korea) and Establish Connections with Natural Dyes Experts inSouth Korea, $3000 

Kristy Archuleta and Sonya L. Britt
                                          Family Studies & Human Services
Advanced Professional Issues of Financial Planning in the Netherlands, $2500 

Stacy Hutchinson                       Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Developing an interdisciplinary short-term study abroad course in the Altai Republic,Russiafor sustainable land management and eco-tourism development, $4000

Natalie Mladenov                       Civil Engineering
Initiating an international field course on the topic of “Sustainable Water and Sanitation in southern Africa”: a planning and reconnaissance visit, $2150 

Amy Rosine Underwood and Kimberly W. Kramer
                                        Music, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science
Structure and Music in Prominent European Cultural Centers, $4000 

Anna Wytko                               Music
Paris Conservatory Pedagogy Collaboration, $2500 

Spring 2012 

Kevin R. Roberts (Lead), Kevin Sauer and Jeannie Sneed
                                           Hospitality Management & Dietetics
Development of Faculty -Led Study Abroad Program and Teaching/Research Collaborations in Costa Rica, $4000 

Bronwyn Fees                              Family Studies & Human Services
Exchanging Art and Curriculum in Early Childhood Education, Art Education and Special Education:  Kansas and China, $3780 

Julie L. Pentz                                  Music
Ghana, Africa, $2063

Neil Hyde Dunn                             Music
Ghana, West Africa, $2711 

David Ca Margolies                      Entomology
Initiating Graduate Students Exchange with the Department of Entomology at the Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil, $2000 

Dr. Rose M McMurphy                 Clinical Sciences
International Veterinary Study Tour Tanzania, $1920 

Gloria B Freeland                        Journalism & Mass Communications
Communications Project and Exchange Programs inCost Rica and Kansas, $1150

Edgar Chambers IV (Lead)       Human Nutrition
India Partnership Development, $3000 

Michael R. Kanost                      Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Development of research and graduate student international opportunities in Germany, $1500 

Trisha Gott and Dr. Mary Hale Tolar
                                         Leadership Studies
School of Leadership Studies Engagement in India, $3000 

Michele Janette, Ph. D. and Valerie Padilla Carroll Ph.D.
                                         Women’s Studies
The reciprocal relationship between theory and practice Bridging internationalization via academic cooperation between U.S. and Mexico - The impact of Immigration on Mexican communities, $2740

Jonathan Patrick Mahoney      Philosophy
Kyrgyzstan, $1710

Fourth Round of International Incentive Grants (announced Feb. 2011)

Ted Cable                                      Natural Resource Management
Development of linkages with Beijing Normal University, China, $2000

Swinder Janda                             Marketing
Support to develop study-abroad program to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy; advance student exchanges with universities in France and Germany, $2740

Shawna Jordan                          Human Nutrition
Develop teaching and study abroad opportunities for athletic training students in Wales, $4000

Marilyn Kaff                                  Special Education
Building capacity to serve families and children with autism in the cultural context of Tanzania, $3000

Catherine Lavis                           Horticulture
Development of horticulture study abroad experience in Australia, $3000

Phillip Marzluf                             English
Investigate opportunities for faculty and student collaboration in Mongolia, $1000

Joe Sanders                                English
Develop course on children's literature in Paris, $3000

Wenqiao Yuan                            Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Research on biofuels and bioproducts in Thailand; initiate graduate student exchange, $3000

Third Round of International Incentive Grants

David Hartnett                            Biology
Support for collaborative research project in grassland/savanna ecology in southern Africa, $2300

Richard Jeannotte                     Biology
Support for research collaboration and grant development on plant lipids in France, $3000

Bret Maner                                   History
Support for development of a study abroad course in Germany focusing on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, $2050

Charles Michael Smith              Entomology
Support for research on entomology in South Africa, $3000

Praveen Vadlani                         Grain Science and Industry
Support for development of energy and sustainability program in Austria, $2100

Second Round of International Incentive Grants

Koushik Adhikari                          Human Nutrition
Support for collaborative research and development of study abroad course in Spain - $2335

Sajid Alavi                                      Grain Science
Support for development of linkages and teaching opportunities with university partner in India - $2000

Bronwyn Fees                              Family Studies and Human Services
Support for visiting group of early childhood educators and administrators from China - $2345

Rose McMurphy                            Veterinary Anesthesiology
Development of veterinary exchange program with university partner in India - $1770

Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigao         Entomology
Support for workshops and meetings at international meeting in Brazil - $1300

Esther Swilley                             Marketing
Support to develop study abroad program and meet with prospective research partners in China - $2500

Linda Trujillo and Socorro Herrera Education
Development of study abroad/service learning opportunity for ESL endorsement students in Panama and Dominican Republic - $2700

First Round of International Incentive Grants

Jared Anderson                           Family Studies
Support for research in China - $2,500

Gerad Middendorf                        Sociology
Support for collaboration with colleagues in Mexico - $2,700

Sonya Britt and John Grable    Family Studies
Support for collaboration with partner university in Korea - $3,000

Marcelo and Gabriela Sabates  Philosophy and Women's Studies
Support for collaboration with partner in Argentina and development of study abroad - $1,000

Hyung-chan Kim                         Interior Design
Support for design project with Korean university - $2,000

Jishu Shi                                       Anatomy
Support for collaboration with colleagues in China - $1,500

Nancy Muturi                                Journalism and Mass Communication
Support for collaboration in Kenya and Tanzania - $1,500

Joyce Gordon                             Public Relations
Support to teach workshops in India - $2,100

Allen Featherstone, Kevin Roberts, and Kevin Sauer
                                         Ag Economics and Hospitality Management
Support for meeting with new partner university in Egypt - $3,600