International Incentive Grants - Previous Recipients

Fourth Round of International Incentive Grants (announced Feb. 2011)

Ted Cable

Natural Resource Management
Development of linkages with Beijing Normal University, China, $2000

Swinder Janda

Support to develop study-abroad program to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy; advance student exchanges with universities in France and Germany, $2740

Shawna Jordan

Human Nutrition
Develop teaching and study abroad opportunities for athletic training students in Wales, $4000

Marilyn Kaff

Special Education
Building capacity to serve families and children with autism in the cultural context of Tanzania, $3000

Catherine Lavis

Development of horticulture study abroad experience in Australia, $3000

Phillip Marzluf

Investigate opportunities for faculty and student collaboration in Mongolia, $1000

Joe Sanders

Develop course on children's literature in Paris, $3000

Wenqiao Yuan

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Research on biofuels and bioproducts in Thailand; initiate graduate student exchange, $3000

Third Round of International Incentive Grants

David Hartnett

Support for collaborative research project in grassland/savanna ecology in southern Africa, $2300

Richard Jeannotte

Support for research collaboration and grant development on plant lipids in France, $3000

Bret Maner

Support for development of a study abroad course in Germany focusing on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, $2050

Charles Michael Smith

Support for research on entomology in South Africa, $3000

Praveen Vadlani

Grain Science and Industry
Support for development of energy and sustainability program in Austria, $2100

Second Round of International Incentive Grants

Koushik Adhikari

Human Nutrition
Support for collaborative research and development of study abroad course in Spain - $2335

Sajid Alavi

Grain Science
Support for development of linkages and teaching opportunities with university partner in India - $2000

Bronwyn Fees

Family Studies and Human Services
Support for visiting group of early childhood educators and administrators from China - $2345

Rose McMurphy

Veterinary Anesthesiology
Development of veterinary exchange program with university partner in India - $1770

Marcelo Ramalho-Ortigao

Support for workshops and meetings at international meeting in Brazil - $1300

Esther Swilley

Support to develop study abroad program and meet with prospective research partners in China - $2500

Linda Trujillo and Socorro Herrera

Development of study abroad/service learning opportunity for ESL endorsement students in Panama and Dominican Republic - $2700

First Round of International Incentive Grants

Jared Anderson

Family Studies
Support for research in China - $2,500

Gerad Middendorf

Support for collaboration with colleagues in Mexico - $2,700

Sonya Britt and John Grable

Family Studies
Support for collaboration with partner university in Korea - $3,000

Marcelo and Gabriela Sabates

Philosophy and Women's Studies
Support for collaboration with partner in Argentina and development of study abroad - $1,000

Hyung-chan Kim

Interior Design
Support for design project with Korean university - $2,000

Jishu Shi

Support for collaboration with colleagues in China - $1,500

Nancy Muturi

Journalism and Mass Communication
Support for collaboration in Kenya and Tanzania - $1,500

Joyce Gordon

Public Relations
Support to teach workshops in India - $2,100

Allen Featherstone, Kevin Roberts, and Kevin Sauer

Ag Economics and Hospitality Management
Support for meeting with new partner university in Egypt - $3,600