International Incentive Grants

International Incentive Grants


The primary purpose of the International Incentive Grants is to promote the internationalization of Kansas State University.  


The International Incentive Grants are supported by the Office of International Programs. 

Grant applications for activities that are likely to have a significant impact on international education at Kansas State University will be favorably evaluated. It is expected that grant funds will be available on a continuing basis, with the majority of individual grants between the range of $1,000 to a maximum of $3,000; joint proposals may have a higher upper limit.

Group applications should be submitted by one individual whom the group has identified to serve as the “lead” for the grant application.  This person will be responsible for determining the allocation of any funding awarded for the program. Group grants are typically limited to a maximum of $4000.

Funding will not be approved for:

  • Attendance at conferences not involving presentations or organizational responsibility by the grant applicant.
  • Technology



February 15 by 5:00 pm

September 15 by 5:00 pm

Office of International Programs

International Incentive Grant Opportunities

The Office of International Programs calls for International Incentive Grant proposals. The total award amount for this round of grant proposals is $25,000.

OIP has created additional categories eligible for incentive grant funding. Opportunities for Proposals should fall into one or more of the following broad categories:


  1. A.    International Faculty Collaborations and Partnership Building Incentive Grant
  • International research/teaching, including organizing international workshops and conferences, and planning visits to initiate collaborative research/teaching and/or institutional partnerships
  • Incorporation of global perspectives/components into curriculum or campus program(s), including bringing international visitors/lectures to K-State
  1. B.     International Global Learning Opportunities Grant
  • Development of global learning opportunities, including study abroad courses and/or internship programs with companies or partner universities overseas
  1. C.    Experimental Short Term Co-Teaching International Incentive Grant (NEW) (Click for more details)
  • Short-term (2 to 3 weeks) co-teaching experiences with partner institutions in which a segment of a syllabus will be shared by courses in both institutions. This grant award will be approximately $2,000.



Applicants must be employed full-time by the university, but are not required to be tenured faculty members.  Visiting faculty members and students are not eligible for this support.

Applicants who have successfully received an International Incentive Grant may submit a subsequent grant proposal only once in any two year period



Proposals should be submitted to by 5:00 pm

Proposals should not exceed five (5) pages.

The following information must be included and clearly identified in your proposal:

1)   Title of proposed project

2)   Full name of applicant

     a)    Email address of applicant

     b)   Position /department at university

3)   Funding requested

4)   Anticipated result or deliverable

5)   Brief Proposal Narrative

    a)    Explain in detail how the proposed activity will promote internationalization of the university

    b)   Estimated timeline

    c)    Anticipated result or deliverable

6)   Describe how any previous successful grants obtained by the applicant have promoted internationalization at KSU or other universities.

7)   Documentation showing approval of the proposal from the appropriate department head. This can be in the form of an email or written note from the department head.

8) It is strongly recommended that applicants who have received prior International Incentive Grant funding clearly identify in subsequent applications how their previous grant activities contributed to the internationalization of the institution.


1)   It is expected that funding will be sought from the department/college and other sources prior to submitting this proposal.

2)   Please identify the source, the funds requested, and the amount funded. 



1)   A complete budget, as described here, must be included with the proposal:

    a)    Travel costs

    b)   Accommodation costs

    c)    Supplies/books/equipment costs

    d)   Miscellaneous (please specify)

    e)    Total Anticipated Budget

    f)     Total dollar amount requested from the International Incentive Grant 


Proposals must be submitted electronically to, along with all supporting documentation noted in the Guidelines, by the deadlines posted above in order to be considered.

Late applications will not be considered. 

Following conclusion of the grant funded event or experience, the successful applicant is required to submit a short written report describing the grant activity and analyzing its success in the eyes of the grantee.  This report should be submitted within four weeks after the conclusion of the funded event.

For questions about the International Incentive Grant program, please contact the Office of International Programs at 532-5498 or Dr. Kristine Young at




Previous Recipients



“I am recently back from my trip to Costa Rica, which was funded by my International Incentive award from last year. The trip was absolutely incredible! Now I need to get started analyzing our samples. One location of our field work was the crater of Poas volcano. I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Thank you,

Dr. Matthew F. Kirk, Assistant Professor Department of Geology"