Past Events


Vernon Larson Lectures


DANCE AND MUSIC IN GHANA AFRICA - Julie L. Pentz, Assoc Prof of Dance & Neil Dunn, Instructor in Dance and Music.

Dr. Christopher Kuehl (Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence)     "It's the Election - Do You Know Where Your Economy is Headed?"

First Lady Noel Schulz - "Engineering in a Global Workplace including advanceing Women in Engineering"

Professor Dr. Sabri Ciftci: The Arab Spring and Freedom's Future: Local and Global Consequences of Arab Uprisings.

Jui Mhatre: "Symbolism in classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam?"

Randall Tosh - KSU Liaison for Australian Initiatives: "Australian Partnerships: A Global Strategy"


Dr. Marcelo Sabates (Assoc Provost of OIP) How international travel shapped my life, and is shaping my OIP experince.

Eric Peek: Agribusiness Development in Afghanistan by the Kansas National Guard members

Dr. Sajid Alavi: Food Security and Value Addition - International Experiences

Provost Mason

Elizabeth Dodd, Marcellus Caldus, Martha Smith (Brazilian study abroad trip experiences)

Dr. Krishna Tummala : Corruption in India


Dr. Harald Prins, American Indians on the warpath in Europe, 1943-1945


Surgery in Haiti: A Local Effort to Make a Difference, Dr. David Pauls

Agriculture: The Kenyan Experience, Dr. Rose Ogutu

The KSU Jazz Ambassadors in South America: Bebop Meets Bossa Nova, Wayne Goins

Celebrating Life Through the Music and Dance of Ghana Neil Dunn, Julie L. Pentz, & KSU Dance Students

Living in Calabria, Italy, Julie & George Strecker

Changes in higher Education on a Chinese Campus: 1988-2008 Dr. Bill Meredith


Land, Life, and Environmental Change in the Himalayas, Dr. Richard Marston

Medicine in the Transkei of South Africa, Dr. Richard Baker & Shirley Baker

Living and Working Around the World, Dr. David Norman

Promoting Civil Dialogue Around the World, Dr. David Procter

The French Connection, Dr. Ted Cable

The Afghanistan Mission



The K-State-China Initiative, Ken Holland, Yar Ebadi, Duane Nellis, Beth Unger, Stephen White

Human Rights International: from the Eye of the Forensic Anthropologist, Michael Finnegan

Meeting Women’s Reproductive Health Needs in the Age of AIDS: Observations from Africa, Susan Adamchak

Hunting Hantavirus in Paraguay, Dr. Douglas Goodin

A Japanese Teacher’s Brag Book: Grass Roots Efforts toward Cross-Cultural Understanding, Kyoko Mizuno

Global Environmental Change: An African Perspective, Dr. David Hartnett



The Russian Military Under the Leadership of President Vladimir Putin, Dr. Dale Herspring

Opportunities for International Agribusiness Experiences at Kansas State University, Dr. Michael Boland

Afghanistan Revisited, Dr. Yar Ebadi

Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland, Terrie McCants

UNESCO in Defense of Human Rights: An Anthropologist’s Experience , Dr. Harald Prins

A Mission of Hope: Peace Corps’ Response to HIV, Stephanie Springer and the Peace Corps

COLOMBIA: Facts of an Ongoing War, Daniel Aguilar

International Student Recruiting: Contact, Support, Teach, Advise, Jim Lewis and Mary Wood



Dr. Michael Dryden

One Year in Bulgaria: Our Unintended Discovery of a Little Known Jewel, David Margolies and Sheila Hochhauser



Internationalization at KSU – The Road Ahead: a New Vision for the Future of KSU International Programs, Dr. Ken Holland

The Incredible International Travels and Travails of the Monarch Butterfly, Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy

From the Konza Prairie to the Kalahari: Ecology, Conservation, and Development in Southern Africa, Dr. David Hartnett

The Best of the Best” Presentations from our Top International Student Speakers teaching about their diverse cultures in our community, International Students Speakers’ Bureau

Digging Around Down Under: Religion and Politics in Australia, Dr. Robert Linder