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Student Governing Association

Student Governing Association
Gayle Spencer, Associate Dean of Student Life/Director
809 K-State Student Union

Officials of the Student Governing Association are responsible for voicing the concerns of the student body and serving as an underlying force of cooperation between the faculty, the students, and the colleges of Kansas State University. There are three SGA branches. The Executive Branch consists of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, and the Cabinet. The Legislative Branch consists of Student Senate and six standing committees: Allocations, Campus Outreach, College Council Allocations, Governmental Relations, Privilege Fee, and Senate Operations. The Legislative Branch establishes policies as well as sets and allocates more than $13 million in privilege fees. Student Senate also makes recommendations to the University administration, faculty, and student body. The Judicial Branch hears non-academic misconduct complaints against other students.

The best opportunity for new students to get involved in Student Government is the SGA Intern Program. The intern program is designed to introduce students to Student Government at K-State. Applications are accepted early in the fall semester.

For more information regarding involvement in Student Government, email the Office of Student Activities & Services at Student Senate convenes every Thursday at 7 p.m. The meetings are held in the Big 12 Room, on the second floor of the K-State Student Union.