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K-State Proud Campaign

K-State Proud Campaign
Nicholas Moeder
President, Student Foundation

K-State Proud is the first-ever all-university student campaign at K-State based around the idea of students helping students.

K-State Proud is designed for students to take part in their own philanthropic effort to help fellow students. Guided by the leadership of Student Foundation, the campaign allows students to show their pride through philanthropy. All student campaign donations establish Student Opportunity Awards for fellow K-State students.

There are two types of Student Opportunity Awards, K-State Proud Awards and K-State Hero Awards. K-State Proud awards are allocated to help students who are struggling to make ends meet and have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance. K-State Hero awards recognize students who have shown an outstanding commitment to K-State through campus leadership, community service or other areas of student life.

By participating in this campaign and by supporting fellow K-Staters, we demonstrate to others that we value K-State not just as our school, but as an important contributor to our future. Help leave your legacy at K-State!