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Kansas State University
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Office of Student Activities and Services

Office of Student Activities and Services
Gayle Spencer, Associate Dean of Student Life/Director
Ground Floor, K-State Student Union

The Office of Student Activities and Services provides a central location for a variety of programs and services. People who have questions or need information related to the Student Governing Association, K-State Healthy Decisions, Safe Ride, Ask Wille, Consumer and Tenant Affairs, on-campus judicial affairs, the students' attorney, and student organizations are able to find assistance here. In addition, the office provides materials related to campus life programs, a notary public, and voter registration services. The offices of the student body president, student senate chair, and attorney general are housed here.

Student Activities administers the student activity fee, provides support to registered student organizations, assists individuals who wish to get involved in campus activities, and offers consultation for leadership development to interested individuals and campus organizations. View a calendar of campus events.