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Greek Affairs

Greek Affairs
Gayle Spencer, Associate Dean of Student Life/Director
214 Union

Be You. Be Greek.

K-State has an outstanding Greek community that offers a once in a lifetime experience combining leadership, scholarship, community service, and friendship! The community is made up of over 3,300 students and consists of 13 sororities, 25 fraternities, and 9 multicultural chapters - 3 historically Latino/a, and 6 historically African American chapters.

Why Join?

Becoming part of a fraternity or sorority at K-State is a great way to get involved and make the most of your college years. The Greek community promotes academic excellence, with the average Greek GPA surpassing the average university GPA for the past 41 semesters. Members are given numerous opportunities to serve their community and raise funds for beneficiaries at the local and national level. Additionally, there are a variety of ways todevelop leadership skills through organization, campus and community involvement. The Greek community is also a great way to connect.

Housing Options

The majority of chapters at K-State offer members the opportunity to live in a chapter facility. Living in a chapter house provides an opportunity to interact with your brothers and sisters daily, furthering the bonds of brother/sisterhood. Above all, living in a chapter house provides an environment in which skills relating to teamwork and personal growth are instilled. The costs of living in a chapter house are comparable to those of the residence halls. Each member living in will pay house bills that cover their housing costs, meals and social activities. All members pay chapter and international dues to help cover operation costs. Individual organizations will be able to provide you with the costs of membership. Average costs can be found on the Greek Affairs website.

Housing for fraternity men and sorority women differs:

Fraternity men move into the chapter house during their freshman year and/or first year of membership. They will continue living in the house for two to three years based on live-in requirements and available space.

Sorority women typically do not live in the chapter house until their sophomore year. New members live in the residence halls or an apartment during their freshman year or first year of membership, and then move into the chapter home

How to Join

The primary recruitment process for sororities occurs the week before school starts in August. The 12 NPC sororities participate in a formal recruitment process. This mutual selection process provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the different sororities at and what they can offer you during your time at K-State. More information about this process and the registration form is available on the Greek Affairs website.

Fraternity recruitment is a chapter-driven process. For those men interested in joining for the fall semester, individual fraternities will host events throughout the spring and summer months. Contact information for chapter recruitment chairmen is available on the Greek Affairs website, and these men will be able to provide you information about upcoming events and membership requirements. You can also register for recruitment.