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K-State First

"A great college experience starts with a great first year.

“A great college experience starts with a great first year.”

K-State First is the university's first-year experience program. Our purpose is to create an outstanding university experience for every first-year student at K-State. The program provides incoming students with a transition to college-level learning and college life. Combining small, exciting classes taught by exceptional faculty with a vibrant student life experience, K-State First helps students establish the foundation for a successful college career.

K-State First has four programs for first-year students

CAT (Connecting Across Topics) Communities. K-State's version of learning communities allow a small group of twenty-two students to take an interdisciplinary group of classes together, usually two general education courses and one connections course. Each CAT Community is designed around a particular theme or interest, and each one offers mentoring from a professor and an advanced undergraduate Learning Assistant. This option is a great place to meet students with similar interests and to get your academic career off to the right start.

First-Year Seminars (FYS). These small, hands-on classes are specially designed versions of regular general education courses in a range of fields. The FYS classes enroll only first-year students, and dedicated faculty members teach these seminars in a lively, interactive manner. FYS classes are perfect for you if you like to learn in an active environment and want a little extra guidance as you transition to college life and the K-State community.

Guide to Personal Success (GPS). A one-on-one mentoring program, GPS matches new students with a personal guide -- not an academic advisor but another friendly face on campus. The guides are faculty, staff, graduate students, and K-State alums who have knowledge of university resources and an interest in helping students. The program helps students navigate their transition to K-State and make the most of their experience by connecting them to the resources and opportunities that will ensure success. Guides and mentees are expected to connect in-person three times during the Fall semester and three times during the Spring.

K-State Book Network (KSBN). K-State's university-wide reading program provides the campus with the opportunity to read and discuss a book together each year. KSBN selects the common book and coordinates a series of exciting classroom and campus activities connected to the reading. First-year students all receive a copy of the common book, and they along with returning students and the rest of the campus community come together to discuss, question, and learn from the selected reading."