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K-State ID Center

K-State ID Center
Greg Akins, Manager
Rhonda McCabe, Asst. Manager
Kathy MacKenzie, ID Center Asst.
111 K-State Student Union
785-532-6399 or toll free number is 877-748-6466

The K-State ID Center is here to serve you! "What is my ID Card good for?" is a common question. I'll list a few:

Living in the residence halls? It is your door access and meal card.

Going to the rec? It is your Rec. Access; it allows you to check out equipment. Signing up for intramural games? You'll need your ID Card. Going for swim at the Natatorium? Better bring your ID Card.

Checking out books? You'll need your ID for the Library.

We not only make the Campus ID cards, but we handle the debit account "Cat Cash" which you will use for laundry and printing as well as other purchases at various locations on campus.

We also offer ISIC, or International Student ID Cards, if you are interested in studying abroad or travel abroad you should check into getting card.

We have gift cards that can be purchased in any amount, starting at $5.00 that can be used at locations in or affiliated with the K-State Student Union. We also offer Conference Cards for groups or conferences that will be dining in the K-State Student Union.

Our regular office hours are M-F from 8-5.