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Manhattan is known as the "Little Apple" there is a lot to do in Manhattan and in the surrounding area. The Little Apple is home to more than 50,000 people. Located in the geographic center of the United States, Manhattan is nestled in the picturesque Flint Hills.

The Flint Hills are named for their numerous bands of chert and flint. These bands of flinty gravel convinced many early settlers that the land was not suitable for cultivation.

A few resourceful pioneers, however, chose to stay and build their farmsteads in the sheltered valleys where water was available even in times of drought and where their cattle could graze on the grassy uplands.

The Flint Hills region still remains largely untouched by the plow and is the last large preserve of native tallgrass prairie in the United States.

Today Manhattan residents take pride in the local history. The community is especially proud of its nickname, the Little Apple, symbolic of a polished, wholesome midwestern Manhattan, founded by pioneers who foresaw great things for this part of the United States.

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