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Academic Assistance Center

Academic Assistance Center
Dr. Judith Lynch, Director
101 Holton Hall

The Academic Assistance Center provides freshman orientation classes, math skills instruction, tutoring, academic counseling, credit-by-examination, and entrance and professional examinations. Students with academic difficulties will be aided directly by a staff member or assisted in locating the appropriate campus service or program.

The University Experience course helps students find their way at Kansas State University and gives them a chance to…

  • Discuss common problems and concerns with other freshmen.
  • Find effective ways to make the transition from high school to college.
  • Discover how to gain the most from co-curricular activities.
  • Learn about K-State policies, procedures, and services.
  • Practice skills required for academic success
  • Explore interests, academic strengths, values, and career goals.
  • Be exposed to diverse insights, strategies, and techniques that are essential to success in a multicultural world.

University Experience is a graded, elective course that may be taken for 2 or 3 credits. The 3-credit version is referred to as Enhanced University Experience. It involves two additional hours of lab each week where the academic skills learned are practiced in science, social science, and math courses. Interested students can contact us or ask their advisors for additional information.

The PILOTS Program is a cooperative, year-long program meant to provide structure, encourage academic discipline and critical reasoning, and develop leadership potential for qualifying, entering freshmen. Students interested in PILOTS should check with their academic advisor to find out if they fit the PILOTS academic profile.

Free tutoring is available in a variety of introductory courses to any interested K-State student. Students wanting regular assistance are assigned to small groups that meet weekly with a peer tutor who assists with course content and learning strategies. Students can sign up for tutoring sessions in 101 Holton Hall. Walk-in help is also available in several high demand courses.

Instruction in non-degree math courses is provided at two different levels through the center:

  • Math Review is a graded, 1- credit- hour course offered under DED 051 Study Skills through the College of Education. This course meets two hours per week and provides a basic introduction/review of fractions, decimals, percents, signed numbers, and simple algebraic expressions. The sole purpose of this course is to prepare students to enroll in MATH 010 Intermediate Algebra.
  • MATH 010 Intermediate Algebra is a preparatory course for MATH 100 College Algebra. The course includes arithmetic (signed numbers, polynomials, algebraic fractions, exponents, and roots), solutions to equations (linear, quadratic, polynomial, root, and fractional), graphs (linear and quadratic), and geometry (area, perimeter, and the Pythagorean Theorem.