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Network and Telecommunications Services

Network and Telecommunications Services
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Active Directory Services

Active Directory replaced Novell eDir in November 2007 as the centrally managed directory service. Active Directory services provides authentication, workstation management via Group Policy as well as the option for shared network file access. The authentication and workstation management pieces are available free of charge to any campus department.

Kansas State University Central Windows Forest Provides

  • Built-in Account Management and Password Synchronization-KEAS accounts are automatically syncronized
  • Reduced Overhead Costs-Central IT has already invested in hardware and software to provide campus with a reliable AD infrastrucutre
  • Autonomy and Control- Even with AD being centrally managed, departments can elect to have their own OU. This OU will allow administrators to create and manage their own active directory objects.
  • Support-LAN Technologies provides various levels of support. The LAN Technolgies department is avaliable for consulting and problem solving.

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LAN Technologies
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What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is an LDAP implementation created by Microsoft for use in Windows environment. Its main purpose is to authenticate and authorize services for Windows based computers. Active Directory will replace Novell as the directory service for centrally supported Windows clients. This will provide access to many network resources such as network file sharing.