Of the Month Awards (OTMs)

Want to recognize someone in the residence halls who you see making an impact on the people around them? Have you participated in an event or a program that you think should be praised for its value to the residence hall community? Write an OTM and tell us why you think someone or something is so great! OTMs are graded monthly and are due the 5th day after the month in which the subject of your OTM occurred. If yours wins, not only do you help your hall, but also your OTM has a chance of winning regionally and nationally. Of course, you'll also make someone feel really good when they realize that their work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. To get started, either create a new OTM account or login to an existing account.

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The NRHH OTM Database System has changed to verison 3.0!!

Important information concerning the new system:

  • Any web links referencing to the old system will no longer work.

  • All data from previous system has been moved and updated to fit the new structure.

  • Queries of the database have greatly improved in speed!

  • The searching and submitting interfaces have not been changed.

  • Have the ability to create an account to manage the OTMs you've submitted!

  • After you have submitted an OTM, you can edit or delete it! (Requires submitting your OTM under an account. Editing and deleting of OTMs is only allowed for the OTMs you've submitted and the OTM deadline has not come due).

  • When submitting an OTM under an account, the form will partially fill out your information.

  • Some of the OTM fields have been hard coded by the system.

  • Submissions now have required fields. Be sure to fill out forms completely!

  • OTMs will become viewable after the OTMs have been graded and the regional deadline has passed.
    (Usually the 18th of every month).