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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

Student Parent Organization


Recent News

Please see our interview with WIBW-Channel 13 News. Also, when you get the chance please like our Facebook page.

About Us

 The Student Parent Organization was created to support our student parents here at K-State juggling both family and school obligations. Our goal is to create a community of parents that can offer the necessary support for a student parent to be a successful and also provide the resources that might not otherwise be available to our student parents with limited income. We are here and we care for our student parents at Kansas State University. We accept donations of diapers, children's clothes and toys and re-distribute them back to student parents who are in need. You can show your support by dropping off donations at the Office of Student Life, Holton 201.





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Chair Members

President: Jordan Rinner jrinner@ksu.edu

Vice President: Morgan Foster tatuva88@ksu.edu

Secretary: Samantha Doney

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