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National Bio and Agro-defense Facility

Construction update

The 46.828-acre NBAF site is on the north end of the Kansas State University main campus.

1.1 NBAF Website Photo

The NBAF entry on Denison Avenue is next to the Kansas State University Biosecurity Research Institute — where NBAF research has already begun — and the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Kansas Department of Agriculture is located in the Kansas State University Research Park on Manhattan Avenue immediately east of the NBAF site.

1.2 NBAF Website Photo

Construction of the NBAF central utility plant, or CUP, seen in the flyovers above, reached "substantial completion" in October 2015.  Excavation for the NBAF laboratory was also nearly complete at the time.

1.3 NBAF Website Photo 

Construction of the 580,184 square-foot NBAF research laboratory began in 2015. Steel reinforced concrete work is ongoing as shown in the most recent photos below.

2017-06-20 NBAF Site NW


 2017-06-20 NBAF Site W