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Music Program

How to Plan Your Recital

Music degree programs typically require at least one recital. Here are the steps that you will need to take:

• Find a date and time that is available. Typically our recitals take place in All-Faiths Chapel Auditorium or Kirmser Hall. Below are links to the calendars for both of these spaces:

All-Faiths Chapel Auditorium
Kirmser Hall

• After finding a date that will work, please fill out the room reservation form. Your applied teacher and piano accompanist (if applicable for your recital) must sign. Please submit the form to Teri Breymeyer in the Music Office. Please read the policies of our faculty accompanist, Amanda Arrington, if you plan on using her services.

• You can create your recital program by reading the following tutorial:
How to Create a Program Tutorial by Dr. Phillip Payne

The necessary templates may be found here:

Single Sheet Format:

Folded Format:

• Phi Mu Alpha offers stage management service. Should you request stage management, please submit this form to Phi Mu Alpha.

• Post-recital receptions may be arrangement through Sigma Alpha Iota (at a reasonable fee). Should you wish to request a reception, please submit this form to Sigma Alpha Iota.

• Recording service may be arranged through Kyle Arnold at Arnold Sound & Video.

• Should you wish to provide program notes at your recital, please read this document for guidelines.

• Good luck!