Dr. Gary Mortenson was recently appointed Dean of the School of Music at Baylor University.
He offers the following reflection on his years at K-State:

Serving as the Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at Kansas State University has been one of the greatest experiences of my professional life. As my career takes me in a new direction as the Dean of the School of Music at Baylor University, I have nothing but optimism and faith that SMTD at K-State will continue to thrive and excel. The School has phenomenal leadership, support, and resources to draw on as it forges a new path toward an incredibly bright future. I would like this opportunity to thank the administrators, faculty, staff and students who have made my time at K-State and in the Manhattan Community positive and fulfilling in so many ways. In many respects, this place will always be remembered as my professional and personal home. All of you will travel with me, all through my life, in my heart and in my mind.

With deepest sincerity and gratitude.
Gary Mortenson

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