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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available which consist of a tuition waiver for 10 credits per semester for two years as well as an annual stipend. These are competitive assistantships with a deadline for completed applications being February 1. As soon as the application is complete, you will be considered in the pool for assistantship.

The assistantship is a .5 position (the remaining .5 is your own academic load), which qualifies you for university health insurance at special rates. The job requires approximately 20 hours of work each week (which includes time for instructional preparation). In addition to a salary of approximately $12,000, you will receive a tuition waiver for 10 credit hours during both the fall and spring semesters. (Summer courses are not incuded). Campus privilege fees will be assessed per credit hour and range from a total of $200 to $350 per semester. The assistantship is automatically renewed for a second year if your academic and work performance is satisfactory.

Percussion Assistantship (Contact Kurt Gartner at kgartner@k-state.edu)

Band Conducting Assistantship (Contact Frank Tracz at ftracz@k-state.edu)

Other assistantships may be available according to departmental needs.  For more information, contact Dr. Fred Burrack, director of graduate studies, at fburrack@kstate.edu.