Dr. Jana Fallin

Music Education
Interim Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

Fairchild Hall 215
785.532.7828 | jfallin@k-state.edu

Jana R. Fallin teaches music education methods courses, graduate level music education courses, and supervises student teachers. She serves as Division Chair of Music Education for the department and as Coordinator for the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence 2009-2010. Fallin does presentations on The Music of the Cowboy, including at the International Conference of Arts and Culture Venice, Italy, in 2009.

Fallin has authored two books, Face the Music, and Using Music to Enhance Student Learning. In 2002-2003, Fallin was selected as University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at K-State designing a DVD, Engaging the Learner. She received two Big 12 Fellowship Grants, conducting research on Authentic Cowboy Music. In 1998, she was selected as a Visiting Professor at Georgia State University.

She holds membership in numerous national and state organizations for music education and the arts and serves as the Kansas chair for the Society for General Music. She is past president of the McCain Board. Twice she received the Stamey Teaching Award and is listed in Outstanding Women of America and as Outstanding Senior Woman at Baylor University. Her publications are included in Music Educators Journal, Journal of Music Teacher Education, and Mountain Lake Reader.

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