Dr. Kerstetter’s Clarinet and Saxophone Equipment

Bb/A Clarinet:
Instrument: Buffet R-13 “Festival” Greenline, with custom cork pads and other custom adjustments by Tim Clark of Columbus, OH
Mouthpieces: Pyne “E” facing; Michael Chesher, Zinner “A” model
Ligature: Robert Scott “Superb,” Vandoren Leather
Barrel: Pyne 1+, 66 mm (B-flat clarinet); Pyne 1+, 65 mm (A clarinet)
Reeds: Vandoren “V12” #4, Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic #3.5+, Rico Reserve Classic #3.5+

Eb Clarinet:
Instrument: Buffet R-13, with custom cork pads by Fred Weiner of New York City
Mouthpiece: Vandoren 5RV
Ligature: Rovner
Barrel: Buffet, 42 mm
Reeds: Vandoren #4

Bass Clarinet
Instrument: Buffet Prestige Greenline (low C)
Mouthpiece: Vandoren B50
Ligature: Rovner
Reeds: Rico Reserve Classic #3+, Vandoren #3.5

Alto Saxophone
Instrument: Yamaha 875 “Custom”
Mouthpiece: Rousseau New Classic “NC4” for classical; Meyer 6, medium chamber for jazz
Ligature: Winslow
Reeds: Vandoren #3.5 for classical, Vandoren Java #3 or 3 1/2 for jazz

Other recommended mouthpieces:
Clarinet: Vandoren M30, B40, Pyne “Sinfonia” mouthpieces (for high school students, as they are quite good and considerably less expensive than his artist mouthpieces.)
Saxophone: Selmer C* (good for both classical and jazz)

The new Vandoren ligatures, the Luyben inverted ligature, and many of the BG models (similar to the Rovner design) are also quite good. I recommend Rovner because of the durability (very difficult to damage) as well as the improvement of the seal of the reed on the mouthpiece, which I find facilitates articulation.

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