Kirmser Hall

On Sunday, October 29, 2013 the K-State Music Program hosted a Salon Concert for the grand opening of Kirmser Hall in McCain Auditorium Room 204.

Thanks to the generosity of the estate of Jeune and Phillip Kirmser, the K-State Music Program (part of the K-State School of Music, Theatre, and Dance) has received a large gift following the passing of these long time residents of Manhattan. These funds, along with an additional allocation from the K-State College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean and the K-State Office of the Provost, are making possible extensive renovations of McCain 204—now to be known as Kirmser Hall. The first phase of the renovation is now complete, with additional renovations scheduled to take place in the summer of 2014. The transformed space will be a premiere location for recitals by students, faculty, and guests. Kirmser Hall will also be used as a venue for teaching and rehearsals.

View from the back:

View from performing area looking back:

Piano and clouds: