Ad Astra Quartet
The Clarinet Quartet for the State of Kansas

Rachelle Goter, Friends University
Tod Kerstetter, Kansas State University
Jeff Pelischek, Hutchinson Community College
Stephanie Zelnick, The University of Kansas

The Ad Astra Quartet was created in 2007 by Rachelle Goter, Tod Kerstetter, Jeff Pelischek, and Stephanie Zelnick—four college clarinet professors from around the state of Kansas. The title of the group reflects the state motto of Kansas, and means “to the stars.” The group’s repertoire consists of a wide diversity of music, ranging from popular tunes arranged for clarinet quartet to contemporary music specifically written for this medium. Even though we recruit from the same body of students for our respective institutions, we feel that encouraging the advancement of clarinet playing in the state of Kansas is well worth our time. Moreover, we feel that the collective personality of our quartet creates a special energy that will make this group popular with audiences of all types