Who Are These People?
(in order of appearance)

You are role-playing a medical investigator, on vacation in Idaho. (It's been raining the whole time.)

Nora Watanabe.
She's the young woman who asked you to investigate the cause of her brother Cam’s illness. She's - what? Like seventeen?

Cam Watanabe.
Nora’s younger brother. He was infected around the Fourth of July (13 days ago) with salmonella bacteria. It turns out he is infected with an uncommon strain of salmonella - Salmonella paratyphi A.

Cord Watanabe.
Nora’s older brother. He was also infected with Salmonella paratyphi A, an uncommon strain of the salmonella bacteria. He caught the disease much earlier than Cam - around Memorial Day (almost two months ago), which was the last time he was in Two Forks. Cord is a student at Montana State University.

Dr. Jessie.
Dr. Jessie Bokelo is the resident internist at the Two Forks Medical Clinic. Cam Watanabe is her patient.

Deputy Soros.
Two Forks area deputy. He has a really deep, rumbly voice.

Nick Potrero.
Cam’s friend. Nick was with Cam and Adam Brown at the Fourth of July celebration. For a boy his age, Nick is a little too fond of beer.

Adam Brown.
Cam’s other friend. Adam was with Cam and Nick Potrero at the Fourth of July celebration. Adam seems to be getting on nicely with Vicki Dollarhide.

Vicki Dollarhide.
Vicki works as a waitress at the Two Forks Brewing Company. Nick knows her because she's a good friend of his sister's.

Grizz Talljones.
Grizz is the owner and cashier at the Grapplin’ Bear restaurant. He was born and raised in the Two Forks area.

Dmitri Tutweiler.
He's a jerky chef; Gustav’s brother. Dmitri is the shorter of the two. He's the one who bastes the jerky.

Gustav Tutweiler.
He's a jerky chef; Dmitri’s brother.

Karly Jonssen.
Karly’s the owner and waitress at Salad Daze; Darla is her mother. Karly can be a bit "more organic than thou" sometimes.

Darla Jonssen.
Darla's the cook at Salad Daze. Karly is her daughter. Does she have a criminal record? Probably not.

Astrid is a waitress at Norma Jean’s, a burger chain. She has a bit of an attitude problem.

Clint is a cook at Norma Jean’s.

Hammett Wolf, cook at the Grapplin’ Bear.

Moira Talljones.
Moira is the bookkeeper at the Grapplin’ Bear; she's Grizz’s daughter.

Dr. Humbers.
Dr. Humbers came to Two Forks from Split River to help prevent an epidemic. He doesn't have a first name.

Created by Ken Eklund, writerguy
A Science Mystery originally developed for Access Excellence

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