MPH "Core" Requirements

MPH “Core” requirements (15 credit hours)

Each student in the MPH Program must complete these required public health core courses:

  • Biostatistics: MPH 701 (STAT 701) Statistical Methods for Natural Scientists (3 credit hrs)
  • Environmental health sciences:  MPH 802 (DMP 802) Environmental Health (3 credit hrs)
  • Epidemiology option: MPH 754 (DMP 754) Introduction to Epidemiology (3 credit hrs)* 
  • Health services administration:  MPH 720 (HMD 720) Administration of Health Care Organizations (3 credit hrs)
  • Social and behavioral sciences:  MPH 818 (KIN 818) Social and Behavioral Bases of Public Health (3 credit hrs)

*A second option for Epidemiology is a combination of two courses:  MPH 708 (DMP 708) Veterinary Epidemiology (2 credit hrs) and MPH 854 (DMP 854) Intermediate Epidemiology (3 credit hrs) (TOTAL of 5 credit hours)  For this option, the core requirement is 16 credit hours of the 42 required for the degree.