2013-2014 Mortar Board Members and Officers

Julie Perrini, President

Cheyanne Alvarado, Director of Alumni Relations

Adrienne Besler, Director of National Service

Aaron Bisch, Director of Internal Development

Tricia Brensing, Member at Large

Brock Burnick, Vice President

Jessica Conwell, Vice President of Leadership

Derek Feist, Vice President of Service

Angelique Foye, Director of Community Services

Angela Glean, Director of Communications; Director of Digital Communications

Mason Gritman, Scholarship Committee

Abby Guenther, Member at Large

Elizabeth Hughes, Director of Public Relations

Garrett Kennedy, Member at Large

Kate Murphy, Director of Internal Development

Amanda Oakley, Member at Large

Ryan Patternson, Director of Scholarships

Jake Pritchard, Vice President of Finance

Theodore Stravropoulos, Member at Large

Paige Strecker, Director of Academic Decathalon

Justin Theleman, Scholarship committee

Barret Wellemeyer, Member at Large

Chelsea Willems, Director of Development

Obdulia Covarrubias, Vintage Member

Phillip Gomez, Vintage Member

Sarah Pavlu, Vintage Member