to-do at k-state

Manhattan and K-State offer plenty of opportunities to make your time at college the best years of your life. Here are Mortar Board's suggestions!


1. Golf the Par 3 course at Colbert Hills –
These nine holes are inexpensive with your student discount and a perfect escape from school. Colbert provides a fun and easy course for experienced and totally new golfers. You only need a couple clubs and a couple hours, and it has very pretty scenery.

2. Grab a Dara's Slushy Card-
Purchase your soda and slushies for a mere 50 cents with this great cost saver. The raspberry, Dr. Pepper, and cherry slushies are better than Icee's that we used to beg our parents for as kids at the movie theater.

3. Go to a Landon Lecture-
The best of the best share their knowledge with the students of K-State. Moments that will define your future are made in these lectures.

4. Eat at The Chef –
Few incoming students know about this fun little local spot, always busy and filled with tons of unique breakfast and lunch foods from a "manmossa" and "Dang Quesadilla" to a "Banana Pancakes Foster." It's worth the wait.

5. Visit the Top of the World –
Follow Seth Child to Top of the World Drive where you can see the entire city lit up at night. Try to find campus or your house; it's a little different look at the city than you're used to.

6. Stop by The Alumni Center –
The most perfect, luxurious, and somewhat secretive study spot on campus. You can visit any time, camp out in a quiet meeting room, indulge in finals weeks study snacks, or lounge on the comfy couches right there on the edge of campus.

7. Attend $1 movies at the K-State Student Union-
Union Program Council brings in awesome relatively new releases (and some classics too) to watch at the Union during the weekend for only one or two bucks.

8. Tutor/Get Tutored at Leasure Hall Tutoring Center-
There is no reason not to get an A. With tutors for almost every class you just might find a way to pass Differential Equations.

9. Participate in the K-State Telefund-
This will allow you to raise money for fellow students' scholarships. Pick up a phone and help out the university we all love so much.

10. Donate to K-State Proud-
The T-shirt is always cool, but there is no doubt the knowledge that you helped change a K-Stater's life with a Student Opportunity Award is even cooler.

11. Play football in Memorial Stadium-
There are few things better than getting a group of friends together on a warm spring day and playing football or Frisbee in K-State's former stadium.

12. Eat at So Long Saloon for the "Raspberry Bean Dip"-
This is the best appetizer in Manhattan, and a coupon can be found in your K-State agenda.

13. Join the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society-
You will be able to enhance literacy in underprivileged children's lives, host a Kansas statewide decathlon, all while making some of your closest college friends.

14. Pillsbury Crossing-
On a spring afternoon, grab some friends, a Frisbee and music and head out to the Crossing for a chill day in the sun.

15. Grab a Tad's Sno Cone-
During the spring, Tad's Tropical Sno is a must. Offering hundreds of flavors from "Super Berry" to "Pina Colada," this shaved ice located near Hobby Lobby is the best in the Midwest.

16. Duck, Dive or Dodge at the Dodgeball Club-
Let your class anger loose as you throw balls as hard you like. This is a great workout and one of over 450 organizations you can get involved with on campus.

17. Party With Porter's Tacos-
On Thursday evenings, grab some buddies and eat the cheapest, yet best 50 cent tacos in Aggieville.

18. Create a Co-Ed Intramural Softball team-
Create a co-ed softball team with your roommates and classmates. You can create cheap uniforms for your team and have tons of laughs, as someone will strikeout with the slow pitching headed your way.

19. Join Big Brothers Big Sisters -
Becoming a "Big" may be the most rewarding thing you can do with your time as a student. Kids from ages six and up are looking for that other role model to direct them toward a successful life.

20. Visit the Linear Trail-
Here you can run, bike, walk and much more to a beautiful path around the outskirts of our town.

21. Visit Vista Burger-
A classic that is too often forgotten about. Use your student basketball ticket to get buy one get one for free. Best shakes in Manhattan hands down.

22. Live a Day at Living Water Ranch:
It's worth the drive to see that amazing landscape and rolling hills. A secluded little ranch that is perfect for an overnight retreat.

23. Check out Purple Power Play On Poyntz-
This awesome K-State pep rally to get you revved up for the school year and football season. It also introduces you to several Manhattan businesses and other groups like the Boy Scouts and the Manhattan fire department.

24. Fro-yo at Orange Leaf-
Treat yourself to self-serve frozen yogurt with many toppings to choose from. Oreos, Reese's Pieces, sprinkles. Enough said.

25. Hike the Konza Prairie-
It is beautiful and proves that not everything is flat in Kansas. It's refreshing to get a little exercise too.

26. Crash on the comfy couches and chairs in Hale Library-
We all know that the library is for studying, but when you need a brain break it's also an awesome place for a nap.

27. Check out Country Stampede in the summer-
The biggest and best country artists in our own backyard with lots of sun, fun, and friends to go along with it.

28. Apply for scholarships and study abroad-
Visit the study abroad office in Fairchild Hall and plan a semester in another country!

29. Try Out and/or Watch K-State Idol-
Amazing karaoke and some awesome original stuff, sometimes with instruments, by your fellow K-State students.

30. Enjoy some cream cheese pizza from Pizza Shuttle-
A great late night treat with friends. Cream cheese on pizza may not sound good, but it totally is a fan favorite.

31. Wake up to coffee at Radina's Coffeehouse & Roastery or Bluestem Bistro-
Two awesome coffee shops unique to Manhattan. They also have great lunches and sweet treats.

32. Be part of an International Service Team-
Take advantage of service-learning experiences abroad during your summer break.

33. Visit some shops on Poyntz Avenue-
We all know the mall is a great place to shop but also take the time to check out some stores in our historic downtown.

35. Visit our Insect Zoo-
Just where insects are best viewed - in a zoo. Try identifying bugs or eating chocolate-covered ones at the zoo.

36. Go to a Cadence Acapella Group concert-
A breakout from the amazing Men's Glee Club, this group makes the girls swoon with their spectacular harmonies and killer beat-boxing.

37. Eat Happily at Harry's –
On a night when you're willing to splurge, they have the best fillet mignon and mashed potatoes. Very classy and delicious. Perfect for a dress up night with friends, fancy date, or free dinner when your parents are in town.

38. Become a Student Governing Association Officer-
Whether it is student body president, senator or attorney general, run for an office that can change K-State for the better.

39. Go sledding at CiCo Park-
When you're cooped up inside because of the snow, grab some friends and a sled or trash bag to have a sledding adventure.

40. Rub the Wildcat's Nose-
Stock traders rub the bull's nose at Wall Street for good luck. Here at K-State, go rub the bronze wildcat at the Alumni Center for the same thing.

41. Check out Tuttle Creek Lake-
You can get your sun on, boat, fish and even camp. You can also rent canoes at the rec to enjoy a day on the water.

42. Plan a Road Trip-
Take a road trip with a group of friends to an away athletic event or to a friend's house.

43. Go to New Year's Eve in Aggieville-
Watch the Apple Drop in Aggieville to celebrate the New Year as live bands perform and New Year's resolutions are being formed.

44. Snack on Call Hall Ice Cream-
Grab some "Wildcat" ice cream from Call Hall after class. The homemade purple colored ice cream is next to none.

45. Order Hunam Express-
Few things taste greater than Hunam Express' General's Chicken after Aggieville closes. Disclaimer: Few things taste worse that next morning.

46. Skydive over Kansas-
Join the K-State skydiving club. You will have the thrill of a lifetime while also receiving a major student price decrease on your jump.

47. Bowl in the Union-
Spare some extra time to go do one of the most fun things at K-State. The Union bowling alley has many specials, including $1 bowl and beverages nights.

48. Get a professional back massage-
Half priced massages are offered daily at the American Massage Academy in West Loop. These massages are the most relaxing hour a person can ask for.

49. Devour dessert at the Derby Dining Bakery-
The best cinnamon rolls, cookies and cakes are offered from this unique bakery. It is a great way to start off the day.

50. Spend Time With the Spork-
Take a picture with the spork on campus. Spork, you ask? It's the random sculpture outside of King Hall. Always good for a random laugh.