Moore Hall's Week of Hair!


Here is a little "step-by-step" procedure to get you lookin new!


Step 1:
- Log into Clairol's Website, and complete the form, setting up an account.
**NOTE** If you are uncomfortable giving out information, please find Chris.

Step 2:
- Now you need to take a digital photo of yourself, and save it. Remember where
you saved it!

Step 3:
- Now log into Clairol's Website. Use the email address and password that you
provided at the beginning to gain access to the webpage.

Step 4:
- Near the top of the page, and in the center, you will see some text read, "Create Your Look."
Click there. After that page has loaded, now click where it says "More" under "Try It On Studio"
in purple, near the middle of the page.

Step 5:
- Click the bullet that corresponds to your current hair color. Then right below that, click
any of the 4 choices. For more dramatic colors, click "I don't care, as long as it's shocking!"

Step 6:
- Now you must upload your photo onto the webpage. Do that by clicking "Here" to the part
that corresponds uploading your photo.

Step 7:
- Once you have opened the new window, click the area that says "IPIX - Click here to select
a picture." After locating it on the hard drive, and submitting it, you have to manipulate it by
zooming in and out, and dragging the image to obtain the correct position. You should have
your hair lined up with the picture's.

Step 8:
- Now change your style and see what you would look like with a new hair style!!!



Click here to see the "Best of the Best!"

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