Explain This:


During the month of March (Women's History Month) Moore Hall RAMA's decided to each pick a particular woman in history, and present a bulletin board on that woman in their lobbies. After all had decided who they wanted to celebrate, I put a "key" of the women with little blurbs of information about them along with a route of where to find more information. Here are the woment that each RA/MA decided to choose:

Basement: Louisa May Alcott
1st floor: Mother Theresa and Virginia Woolf
2nd floor: Rosa Parks
3rd floor: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
4th floor: Anne Frank
5th floor:Ella Fitzgerald
6th floor: Amelia Earhart
7th floor: Marilyn Monroe
8th floor: Myrlie Evers Williams
9th floor: Georgia O'Keeffe