Volume Index 1976-1979

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 1976)

1. David J. Bond: Jewish Destiny in the Novels of Albert Cohen
2. H.L. Boudreau: Miguel Delibes’ Parábola del náufrago: Utopia Redreamed
3. Djelal Kadir: Same Voices, Other Tombs: Structures of Mexican Gothic
4. James Rolleston: The Expressionist Moment: Heym, Trakl and the Problem of the Modern
5. Louis Tremaine: Breton’s Nadja: A Spiritual Ethnography

Volume 1, Issue 2 (Spring 1977)

1. Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour: Proust-Envy: Fiction and Autobiography in the Works of Iurii Olesha
2. Roland A. Champagne: Anti-Structuralist Structures: The Avant-Garde Struggles of French Fiction
3. Joseph P. Dolan: The Theory and Practice of Apolitical Literature: Die Kolonne, 1929-1932
4. Howard M. Fraser: Points South: Ambrose Bierce, Jorge Luis Borges, and the Fantastic
5. John Schillinger: The Function of Love in Solzhenitsyn’s The First Circle

Volume 2, Issue 1 (Fall 1977)

1. John T. Booker: The Immoralist and the Rhetoric of First-Person Narration
2. Sumner M. Greenfield: Bradomín and the Ironies of Evil: A Reconsideration of Sonata de primavera
3. Elinor S. Miller: Approaches to the Cataract: Butor’s Niagara
4. Thomas D. O’Donnell: Robbe-Grillet’s métaphoricité fantôme
5. Peter L. Podol: Fernando Arrabal’s “Ars Amandi”: The Theme of Love in Selected Plays
6. Carl W. Cobb: Vicente Aleixandre and the Solidarity of the Cosmos

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 1978)

1. Beth Bjorklund: Thomas Mann’s “Tobias Mindernickel” in Light of Sartre’s “Being-for-Others”
2. Gloria Chasson Erlich: Race and Incest in Mann’s “Blood of the Walsungs”
3. James W. Greenlee: Camus’ “Guest”: The Inadmissible Complicity
4. Robert M. Henkels Jr.: Novel Quarters for an Odd Couple: Apollo and Dionysis in Beckett’s Watt and Pinget’s The Inquisitory
5. Joseph F. O’Neill: Cyclones and Vortices. Alejo Carpentier’s Reasons of State as Cartesian Discourse

Volume 3, Issue 1 (Fall 1978)

1. Howard M. Fraser: Gabriela Mistral’s “Sonnets to Ruth”: The Consolation of Passion
2. Ulrich Fülleborn: The Individual and the “Spiritual” World in Kafka’s Novels
3. Joel Hancock: Gabriel García Márquez’s “Eréndira” and the Brothers Grimm
4. Tamara Holzapfel: Crime and Detection in a Defective World: The Detective Fictions of Borges and Dürrenmatt
5. Ford B. Parkes: The Image of the Tiger in Thomas Mann’s Tod in Venedig
6. Lyle H. Smith, Jr.: Volk, Jew and Devil: Ironic Inversion in Günter Grass’s Dog Years
7. Benjamin Suhl: Affective Consciousness in La Nausée

Volume 3, Issue 2, (Spring 1979) Special Issue on Blaise Cendrars

1. Monique Chefdor: Introduction. Blaise Cendrars: A “Symphonie contrastante”
2. Nicolo Dupré: Icarus and Jonah: Flight and Containment in Cendrars’ Work
3. Howard Nitzberg: Orphism in the Poetry of Blaise Cendrars
4. Everett F. Jacobus, Jr.: Cendrars’ Variegated Poetic Persona: Seduction and Authenticity in Prose of the Transsiberian and Nineteen Elastic Poems
5. Stephen K. Bellstrom: The Beckoning Void in Moravagine
6. Jay Bochner: A Geography of Reading in “Paris, Port-de-Mer”
7. Monique Chefdor: Appendix: Brief Chronology of Cendrars Bibliography of Cendrars’ Works in English

Volume 4, Issue 1 (Fall 1979)

1. Wolfgang Rothe: When Sports Conquered the Republic: A Forgotten Chapter From the “Roaring Twenties”
2. Sabine Schroeder-Krassnow: The Changing View of Abortion: A Study of Friedrich Wolf ’s Cyankali and Arnold Zweig’s Junge Frauvon 1914
3. W. Lee Nahrgang: Nontraditional Features of Heinrich Böll’s War Books: Innovation of a Pacifist
4. June Schlueter: Handke’s “Kafkaesque” Novel: Semiotic Processes in Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter
5. June Schlueter: An Interview with Peter Handke
6. Joan E. Holmes: An Interview with Hermann Kant