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Department of Modern Languages


The Department offers financial aid to Modern Language majors and to students in foreign language education at all undergraduate levels for study at K-State or for participating in approved study abroad programs. Thanks to the generous support of our alumni and other friends, we will now be able to award in excess of $25,000 each year. Scholarships range from approximately $250 to $2,000 a year and are awarded on the basis of merit. Our major endowed scholarships include the Margaret E. Beeson Scholarship for the outstanding undergraduate Spanish major, the Hollis & Johnston Scholarships for juniors and seniors, the Wilma Johnston Scholarships for incoming freshmen, renewable for the sophomore year, the Popkins Scholarships for sophomores through seniors and for study abroad, the Harold James Terrill Scholarship, and our newest awards, the Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship for an undergraduate, preferably female, often in Spanish, and the Thomas Stamey Memorial Scholarship for study abroad.

Applicants are to submit to: Chair, Scholarship Committee, Department of Modern Languages, by March 10th, 2016:

  • an application form (available right outside the Modern Languages office, 104EH),
  • a letter of application (no more than one page single-spaced, in which, you should introduce yourself briefly, state why you chose to major in a foreign language, discuss your goals relating to foreign language study, describe briefly your extracurricular activities, especially those relating to foreign language study, any study abroad experience you have had or are planning, why you think yourself deserving of a scholarship, and anything else that you feel is appropriate, and would assist the Scholarship Committee),
  • a transcript of all university work,
  • and, in the case of study abroad requests, a description of the foreign program.

Applicants should note the following criteria:

  1. They must be Modern Languages MAJORS.
  2. They must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  3. They must be full-time students and enrolled in language courses here or participating in the study abroad program while holding the scholarship.
  4. Students must have completed the intermediate (4) level of language study by the end of the semester in which they apply.
  5. Students' activities both on and off campus will be considered in awarding scholarships. Particular attention will be paid to those applicants who participate in activities sponsored by or related to the Department of Modern Languages.


Incoming freshmen language majors are asked to submit a personal letter of application, letters of recommendation from their high school language teacher and one other teacher, and their high school transcript, including their ACT or SAT scores. They must have studied the target language in high school for two or more years, and have a minimum B average in all high school foreign language courses and in all high school course work.

For further information, contact Dr. Derek Hillard (dhillard@k-state.edu), Chair of Scholarship Committee.