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Future Students


Interested in K-State and learning a language or two? This page will give you basic information about what Modern Languages has to offer, with information about applying to K-State, benefits of minoring or majoring in Modern Languages, careers, programs, transferring credit from high-school/other colleges, study abroad, declaring a major or a minor, enrolling in courses. You will also find an overview of some of our courses including CAT Communities and First Year Seminars.

Why major or minor in Modern Languages at K-State?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Career Center, "people who major in the humanities or liberal arts gain very valuable skills, especially in writing, organizational, communications, and critical thinking skills. These skills are highly prized by potential employers. A major in these areas can prepare you for a wide variety of jobs." Modern Languages in particular offers:

  • Small classes with award-winning professors
  • Active undergraduate community
  • Check all the benefits of learning a second language
  • Develop your language skills by studying abroad with a language faculty through faculty-led programs
  • Easily pair another degree in Arts and Science OR from another college through our dual degree
  • Take advantage of the Kirmser Language Center to study or meet with language tutors
What does my future career look like with a degree in Modern Languages?


Knowing other languages brings opportunities. Students in Modern Languages may become teachers, translators, interpreters, or language consultants. Many graduates also pursue careers in careers in travel and tourism, computer and software services, project management at a variety of national and international companies, advertising and marketing, social and health services, or legal fields, as well as many positions in the State Department and other areas of government. For more information about possible careers for Modern Languages students, please visit the Career Center or the "what can I do with this majorinformation page, and check the salary offers for K-Staters in Arts & Sciences.

Thousands of K-State students also recognize the value of combining a degree in agriculture, engineering, architecture, physics, journalism and many other fields with a second language to enhance their career plans. Others graduates of our program are successful graduate school students. Learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs, and see what some of our recent graduates are doing (under construction).

What languages can I study?


Modern Languages offers courses and programs in Arabic, Chinese, Classical Studies, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Thousands of K-State students recognize the value of combining a degree in agriculture, engineering, architecture, physics, journalism and many other fields with a second language language to enhance their career plans.

Our department and Kansas State University offer ample options for study abroad which can enhance your language proficiency and allow you to complete your degree requirements quicker.

How do I know what language course(s) I should enroll in?


The Department of Modern Languages strives to provide the best possible learning environment for its students, and for this reason we take very seriously the placement of students in courses that match their abilities. Each class in the sequence of our courses is designed so that students advance in reading, listening, writing, speaking, and cultural proficiency. 

To learn more about the placement process, who to talk to, and how to enroll, please visit our Enrollment Information page. 

Can I get credit for my high-school or other college language courses?


  • If you have taken a language in high-school, chances are you can start at K-State at level 2 or above. Through retroactive credit, you can earn *FREE* credit for that language. 
  • You can receive credit for your high-school language if you take the AP, IB or CLEP exam. Please check K-State transfer information for these exams.
  • You can also transfer language credit from another college, please visit the Transfer Information page and check your Transfer Credit Report through KSIS. 
Are there any language CAT Communities, First-Year Seminars, or Honors Courses?


In partnership with K-State First, Modern Languages offers a variety of courses designed specifically for freshmen to support them in their first semester or year in college. These courses allow students to form connections with other students and faculty members through small courses (average size is about 20 students). For Modern Languages specific programs, students will learn more about a variety of cultures and languages, as well as the practical applications and positive impact of learning a language on their future careers.

For more information about First-Year Seminars, CAT Communities, application, list of programs and requirements, please visit K-State First.


Global Village Residential Community

A CAT community is designed around freshmen to give them an opportunity to better integrate the university through smaller courses including a "connection hour": a small-group discussion oriented course. The Global Village CAT Community is a residential CAT Community that will allow you to get acquainted with multiple world cultures, meet people from a variety of countries, and learn how speaking new languages and understanding other cultures can benefit you and your community in an increasingly global world. You will reside in Moore Hall for the academic year 2017-2018 (you can sign up for housing for this CAT Community here).  If you are interested in this CAT Community you will be enrolled in three courses in the Fall:

  • A foreign language class of your choice (any language, any level)
  • World Regional Geography (GEOG 100)
  • Global Village Connection Hour (DAS 195)

For more information about this the Global Village CAT Community, please contact Angélique Courbou at angeli@ksu.edu.

How do I apply to Kansas State University?


All of the information you need to apply to K-State can be found at Admissions.

How do I declare a Modern Languages major or a minor?


You can list Modern Languages as your major when you complete your application paperwork. You can also declare your major at a later date by going to the Arts & Sciences Dean's Office. You can also find information on declaring and/or changing your major at the Academic Career and Information Center.

When you declare a Modern Languages major, an advisor will be assigned to you. You may request a specific advisor or change your advisor by contacting Angélique Courbou (angeli@ksu.edu)

You can declare a Modern Languages minor online here. Although there are no official advisors for minors, please contact the faculty below if you have any questions about your minor:

Can I study abroad?


We strongly encourage our students to study abroad. Our faculty offer regular short faculty-led programs to Costa Rica, France, Germany, or Spain, and are planning to develop more. The Office of International Programs also offer a great variety of programs ranging from a week to a semester or academic year, some include community service program, or homestays with host families. Whichever program you choose, one of our faculty will go over how credit earned abroad will transfer back to K-State and apply to your minor or major. Studying abroad can be fun, exciting, and separate you from others on the job market.

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Want to know what a language course looks like?

When visiting the campus during the school year, ask the Admissions Office to visit a language course, or contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Sara Luly (srluly@ksu.edu).