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Students majoring in Spanish must meet the general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree. The major in Spanish consists of Spanish classes at the 300-level or above, beginning with SPAN 301 (previously SPAN 361) or SPAN 302 (previously SPAN 365). With the exception of transfer credit or credit by examination that is approved by the department, students who major in a modern language must either (a) receive a grade of C or higher in all courses counted toward the major or (b) have a GPA of at least 2.50 in all courses counted toward the major. Note: Literature courses in translation may not be applied toward the major. Two non-transfer courses are required at the 700 level.

Requirements: 31 hours.Courses begin with SPAN 301 (previously SPAN 361) or SPAN 302 (previously SPAN 365) or equivalent. Note: SPAN 408 does not count toward the major. Starting Fall 2012, the Spanish Major will have one track. If you declared your major prior to Fall 2012, please contact your advisor and/or click here for more information about the previous major.

Major option "with distinction": The department also offers a major option "with distinction". Students pursuing this option must maintain a 3.5 GPA in all courses taken toward the major while they fulfill the requirements: 37 hours: two courses in addition to the regular major, one of which must be at the 700-level.

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Note: The Department of Modern Languages strives to provide the best possible learning environment for its students, and for this reason we take very seriously the placement of students in courses that match their abilities. Each class in the sequence of our courses is designed so that students advance in reading, listening, writing, speaking, and cultural proficiency. In order to best serve each individual, the Department reserves the right to remove students from the rosters of classes that do not correspond to their proficiency levels. Students who have acquired advanced language skills abroad or at home must consult with Modern Languages staff in order to determine their appropriate entry point in our language sequence. Students who begin their coursework at advanced levels may qualify for retroactive credit in as many as four courses.