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Department of Modern Languages

Dr. María Teresa DePaoli


Associate Professor of Spanish

Eisenhower Hall 23B
(785) 532-1934


Ph.D. - Latin American Literature and Culture and Latino/a Studies.
Purdue University, 2001.

M.A. Purdue University, 1995.

D.V.M. S. College of Veterinary Medicine. Puebla, Mexico, 1990.

Dissertation: "Cultural Semiosis in 'Mexicana' and 'Chicana' Writing: Analysis of Signs, Language and Popular Myths within the Narrative of Contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American Female Writers." Ann Arbor, 2001.

Dissertation Director: Floyd Merrell.

Areas of Teaching

  • Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Hispanic Literature and Culture of the U.S.
  • Spanish for Professions
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Courses taught at KSU

SPAN 568 (Introduction to Hispanic American Literature)
SPAN 420 (Advanced Spanish Conversation)
SPAN 560 (Chicano Literature and Culture)
SPAN 569/779 (Twentieth Century Mexican Film).
SPAN 760 (Latino Literature and Culture in the U.S.)
SPAN 530 (Spanish for Professions with Emphasis in Health).
MLANG 710 (Introduction to Foreign Language Pedagogy)
SPAN 566 (Hispanic American Civilization)
SPAN 520 (Hispanic Readings).

Areas of Research

  • Mexican Women's Literature and Culture and Latinas in the U.S.



The Mexican Screenplay: A Study of the Invisible Genre and Interviews with Women Screenwriters. Peter Lang Publishing: Academic Publishing Group. In progress 2012.


 “Fantasy and Myth in Pan’s Labyrinth.” Magic and the Supernatural: An Ethos Project.Ed. ScottE. Hendix and Timothy Shannon. Inter-Disciplinary Press 182( 2012):86-97.

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“Making Community in Juárez: A Cultural Analysis of Feminine Expressions of Resistance in Literature and Film.” Letras Femeninas 34 ,1 (2008): 77-95.  

“We Are All Maliche: The Construction and Collapse of the Mexican National Mother in Contemporary Literature and Film.” (M)othering the Nation: Constructing and Resisting National Allegories Through the Maternal Body. Ed. LisaE. Bernstain, 111-123. Cambridge Scholars P, 2008.

“Importancia de la cultura popular en la literatura de México: la Tragicomedia mexicana de José Agustín.” Cuadernos de Aldeeu 12, 1 (1996): 89-96.

 “La simbología y el inconsciente de Alfonsina Storni: Análisis semiótico de dos dramas infantiles.” Romance Languages Annual 7 (1995): 536-39.

Other Interests

  • Latin American Studies and Semiotics
  • Border Literature and Culture
  • Hispanic Cultural Studies
  • Women of Color Studies
  • Subaltern studies
  • Film Studies