Publications, Conferences, and other Modern Languages Contributions

September 2013

Presentations, Lectures, Conferences & Exhibitions:

Earl Brown was invited to form part of a panel discussion in the colloquium "Celebrating Varieties of New Mexican Spanish" held on September 27th in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in conjunction with Homecoming at the University of New Mexico. The colloquium was organized to honor the work of Dr. Garland Bills and Dr. Neddy Vigil, especially the corpus "New Mexico - Colorado Spanish Survey". Dr. Brown was asked to prepare a more in-depth answer to the question: "How have the New Mexico - Colorado Spanish Survey and other corpora of spoken Spanish contributed to our understanding of Southwest Spanish?".



Maria Teresa DePaoli traveled to Mexico City, during the month of September, to conduct research on the Mexican screenplay. She reviewed archives at the National General Archive of Lecumberri, in UNAM Filmoteca, and in the National Cinemateque, and was able to collect copies of documents that are fundamental to her research project. In addition, she viewed various films that are only available onsite.


Salvador Oropesa evaluated an article for the journal Chasqui of Latin American Studies, Arizona State University.

The Department of Modern Languages held a successful retreat Saturday September 28 from 9 am to 1 pm at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. 20 faculty were in attendance.

On September 27, Melinda Cro served as the Kansas Board of Regents Core Outcomes Group Chair for French; she met with representatives from nine other institutions across the state of Kansas to discuss core learning outcomes for French I. Angélique Courbou served as the Kansas Board of Regents Core Outcomes Group Chair for Spanish, and met with representatives from eleven other institutions across the state of Kansas to discuss the core learning outcomes for Spanish II. Each of these groups was charged to create 4-6 shared outcomes in order to facilitate transfer by the Transfer and Articulation Committee of the Board of Regents.


August 2013


Necia Chronister’s article, "Domestic Disputes: Envisioning the Gender of Home in the Era of Re-privatization in Eastern Germany" was published in _Heimat Goes Mobile: Hybrid Forms of Home in Literature and Film_. Ed. Gabi Eichmanns and Yvonne Franke. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

Claire L. Dehon published the article "L'Amour et l'argent: les romancières francophones d'Afrique subsaharienne dans leur role d'intellectuelles (1958-2010" in C. Hogarth and N. Edwards, "The Contemporary Francophone African Intellectual", Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013, pp. 93-118.

Salvador Oropesa published: “El cuerpo como escritura: Salvador Novo de la vanguardia a la crónica rosa”.  Narratología y discursos múltiples.  Homenaje a David William Foster.  Eds. Daniel Altamiranda y Diana Salem.  Buenos Aires: Dunken, 2013.  281-90. He also published the following review article: “Barroco de Indias”. Américo Larralde Rangel. El eclipse del sueño de Sor Juana; Diarmaid MacCulloch. Christianity. The First Three Thousand Years; Anna More. Baroque Sovereignty. Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora and the Creole Archive of Colonial Mexico; Manuel Rivero Rodríguez. La edad de oro de los virreyes. El virreinato en la monarquía hispana durante los siglos XVI y XVII; Gisela von Wobeser. Cielo, infierno y purgatorio durante el virreinato de la Nueva España. Chasqui 42.2 (2013): 18, and the following book review: Iker González-Allende.  Líneas de fuego.  Género y nación en la narrativa española durante la Guerra Civil (1936-1939).  Letras femeninas 39.1 (2013): 204-06.


Presentations, Lectures, Conferences & Exhibitions:

Laura Kanost presented “Screenplay Translation and Skopos: Practical Examples from Works by Mexican Women Screenwriters.” Screenwriting Research Network International Conference. University of Wisconsin-Madison. August 21, 2013.


Laura Kanost was elected to serve as the editor of the journal Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Literature.

Sara Luly participated in the Fulbright Seminar for American Faculty in German/German Studies. Fifteen applicants were chosen to take part in a 14 day seminar on current developments in German secondary- and post-secondary education. Session topics included the changing demographic of German schools and universities, new approaches to teaching German as a second language, and the role of the European Union in post-secondary education. All expenses were paid for by Fulbright and the University of Tuebingen.

Salvador Oropesa served as External evaluator for promotion to associate professor and tenure of a faculty member of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Colorado State University. He also refereed an article for the Symposium Journal in Modern Literatures of Syracuse University, and reviewed three manuscripts for the following journals: Chasqui; Hispanic Journal; Journal of Popular Romance Studies.