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Retroactive Credit

What is "retroactive-credit"?

Free, non-graded retroactive credit is available for those students who begin their language studies in courses beyond level-I courses. For each course completed with a C or better, a student may apply to receive retroactive credit for one lower-level course. For example, a student who successfully completes Spanish II may apply for retroactive credit for Spanish I. A student who completes French III and IV may receive credit for French I and II. A student who tests into the 500-level in German may receive credit for German I, II, III, and IV upon successful completion of four 500 or above level German courses.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, because if you start in a higher level class and successfully complete the course with a C or better, you will receive retroactive credit for the preceding course(s) for free, on a take one class/receive one class basis, and you can finish your language course sequence, your minor or major faster.

Students can fill out a retroactive credit application online (see below), or in the Modern Languages Office (104 Eisenhower Hall). Forms can be submitted only once grades for the course(s) have been posted on iSIS.

Retroactive Credit Form
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Additional Completed Courses

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