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Source: Don Stubbings, 785-532-6412,
News release prepared by: Calin Cooney, 785-532-2535,

Friday, March 4, 2011


MANHATTAN -- While college students muse over the fun and excitement awaiting them this spring break, some may ignore the importance of safeguarding their valuables.

Capt. Don Stubbings of the Kansas State University Police Department says that not properly protecting your valuables while on spring break, whether you take them with you or leave them at home, can be asking for trouble.

"Before leaving your apartment make sure you secure all your valuables," Stubbings said. "If you're going home for spring break, take things along, like mobile devices, that are easily stolen. Roommates may stay behind during spring break and they could have people at your residence you don't know."

Here are some more tips from Stubbings on property protection for college students:

* Make sure you communicate with your roommates. Know who is leaving last and should lock the door. You may leave on a Thursday and your roommates on a Friday, so you'll be depending on them to make sure that all your stuff is secure.

* If you have an alternative location for your valuables, like your permanent address, take them there. Knowing your valuables are in a safe location will make moving the items worthwhile.

* If you're leaving your vehicle behind, make sure there's nothing in view that would attract a thief. This way, if your vehicle is broken into, it may minimize your loss.

* Back up your cell phone information. With smart phones you can back up files on your computer or a flash drive in case you lose your phone. Try to limit how much personal data is on your phone when on spring break in case it gets stolen.

* Make sure you have extra copies of your credit card information in case the actual cards are lost or stolen. This way you can have the necessary information on hand when you call to cancel the cards.

* Think twice about bringing your laptop along. Lots of hotels offer business centers where you can check your e-mail, so taking a laptop isn't always necessary.

* While some places require cash, only carry what you need. Some hotels offer safety deposit boxes so you don't have carry around your whole vacation budget in your wallet.