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Sources: K-State - Lydia Peele, 913-2710861,; KU - Adam McGonigle,

Friday, March 27, 2009

From K-State and KU:

MANHATTAN -- Adam McGonigle, student body president at the University of Kansas, Lydia Peele, student body president at Kansas State University, and Dalton Henry, student body president-elect at Kansas State University have issued the following joint statement regarding proposed budget cuts for Kansas universities:

"Students at KU and K-State are very concerned about the size of the budget cuts being proposed for our schools, particularly by the Senate. Double-digit budget cuts will have an immediate negative impact on our education. We'll have larger class sizes, fewer courses available, and very likely higher tuition, making it increasingly difficult for students to graduate on time. Double-digit budget cuts would end up making us pay more for a lower-quality education. That increases the likelihood that students will leave Kansas to attend college, worsening the state's brain drain.

"We understand the need for reasonable cuts, and are prepared to implement the proposed 7% decrease to higher education, but KU and K-State are public universities and the state has a responsibility to uphold its commitment to education and not further increase the burden on our students and families. Just as K-12 schools are important to the future, so too are Kansas' universities because they educate the skilled workers our economy will need to recover.

"We encourage legislators to avoid drastic, double-digit budget cuts that would seriously damage our university’s ability to attain the quality, affordable education we need to contribute to the Kansas workforce."

For more information, contact K-State - Lydia Peele, 913-2710861,; KU - Adam McGonigle, 316-706-9691,