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News release prepared by: Julie Fosberg, 785-532-2535,
Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Recipients are listed by county and hometown. The complete scholarship list also is available at our website,

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010


MANHATTAN -- More than 8,500 Kansas State University students have been awarded academic scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year. In all, K-State students have received more than $16 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation.

Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at

K-State students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:



Barber County

Hazelton: Blake Elliot Koblitz, Engineering Scholarship; Kelsey Rae Koblitz, Achievement Award

Medicine Lodge: Natalie Nicole Archuleta, Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Daniel Clarke, Arts & Sciences Excellence and Charles E. (CAP) Wilson Scholarship; Logan Lytle, Lt. Col. Earl J. Garvin Distinguished Citizenship Award

Sharon: Kristen Labecca Eck, College of Education Scholarship, Herr Memorial Scholarship, KSU Marching Band Scholarship and The Stanley G. Finck Scholarship; Elaine Marie Eck, Transfer Scholarship; Kayle Brandt Lyman, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry and The AOM Outstanding Operative Miller Scholarship


Barton County

Albert: Lauren Ann Wissman, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship

Calflin: Kendi Rose Hickel, Activity Scholarship, Barton County Scholarship and Victor C. and June L. Koelsch Scholarship Fund; Nolan Robert Wirth, Achievement Award; Hillary Rose Schartz, Agriculture Enhancement and Foundation Scholarship; Cindy Jo Stueder, Achievement Award, Dean's Choice Scholarship and First in Class Scholarship; Kristin Lee Wirth, Kansas Cooperative Dairy Products Association Scholarship and Lester L. Christopher Memorial Scholarship;

Ellinwood: Danielle Alis Beckwith, Activity Scholarship; Eric Kent Blakeslee, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship and Robert F. Sloan Memorial Scholarship; Brett Taylor Lyman, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Adele Menges, Achievement Award and Dean's Choice Scholarship; Saul Andrew Miller, Fairchild Scholarship and KSU Alumni Association Scholarship; Jacob William Roth, Engineering Scholarship; Lauren Molly-Blue Spare, Engineering Scholarship, Laree Mugler Scholarship and Ralph E. Brown Engineering Endowment Fund

Great Bend: Ryan J Bealer, Archie R. and Dorothy E. Hyle Engineering Scholarship and Engineering Scholarship; Kaycee Rene Brown, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Samantha Marie Corbett, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Victor C. and June L. Koelsch Scholarship Fund; Madison Marie Debes, Activity Scholarship; Leslie Francis, Finance Advisory Board Scholarship and Moden Fam College of Bus.; Anna Freund, Floyd Price Community College Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship; Amber Diane Goetz, Ferrol E. Cowan Memorial Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship; Ryan Thomas Gotsche, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; Brenda Fawn Herrman, Ronald P. Cooper Scholarship; Katelyn Rene Kaiser, Foundation Scholarship; Ethan Patrick Koochel, Transfer Academic Scholarship; Jacob Kuhlman, Engineering Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Jessica Kumle, Transfer Scholarship; Oneil Lespierre, Dorothy J. Paramore Memorial Scholarship, John T. (Tom) Muir Outstanding Greek Athlete Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Brett Barry McManaman, Medallion Scholarship; Beth Ellen Schneider, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; Hannah Marie Seiwert, Dr. James and Cynthia Staley Kenyon Scholarship, Miller and Danielson Memorial Scholarship in Human Ecology and Transfer Scholarship; Kristin Marie Stewart, Tointon Family Scholarship; Joshua Levi Weese, John K. Vanier II Scholarship and Salina Scholarship-Tuition

Hoisington: Audra Kay Jonas, Mary Ann Walker Memorial Scholarship; Savannah Michelle Nulton, Arts & Sciences Excellence; Jared Alan Owen, Fairchild Scholarship

Pawnee Rock: Brooks Lynn Hanson, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship


Bourbon County

Fort Scott: Amanda Elizabeth Brown, Fd Tch Sch-Equip Mfg Coun/Afia and Feed Science Scholarship-Purina Mills; Stephen Robert Buntain, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Corey J Midkiff, Lawrence W. Brennan Architectural Engineering Scholarship, Max E. Foote Scholarship and Tointon Family Scholarship; Grant Daniel Stucky, Achievement Award, Clarice M. Painter Memorial Piano Scholarship and The Ivy Fuller Olds Scholarship in Music; Sterling Edward Braun, Arts & Sciences Excellence and June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund; Marguerite Fredericksen, Arts & Sciences Excellence and Vallie Maupin Kirk and Rex Maupin Memorial Music Scholarship; Austin Dean Parks, Fairchild Scholarship; Kevin Peck, Maurine Allison O'Bannon Memorial Scholarship; Laura Ann Stucky, Arts & Sciences Excellence


Brown County

Everest: Nicole Marie Lehew, Achievement Award; Keisha Marie Linck, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship

Fairview: Brian Wayne Heiniger, Arts & Sciences Excellence; Christina Ann Klein, Art Foreign Study, Art Scholarship and The Florence H. Walker Art Scholarship

Hiawatha: Jessica Hannah Bauerle, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Molly Marie Brobst, Foundation Scholarship, June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund and Richard James Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship; Abraham Verschelden Denner, Nathan D. Keck Memorial Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship; Austin Nicholas Hrencher, Arts & Sciences Excellence and M. J. Harbaugh Scholarship; Ashley Ann Mueller, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry; Jeremy Ray Olson, Agronomy-Experiment Fields Fund and SFP and Dr. George Walter Wallingford Agronomy and Soil Science Scholarship; Larissa Jean Schilling, Engineering Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and William & Joyce Cyphers Owen Scholarship

Horton: Matthew Todd Kiehl, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Nicholas Scott Pederson, Architectural Engineering and Construction Science and Management General Scholarship; Natalie Bliss Pederson, Greg B. Miller Scholarship and M. Hal & Janice J Taylor Human Ecology Scholarship; Erin Michelle Ross, Krystal D. Aarstad Memorial Scholarship

Morrill: Hannah Elizabeth Kleopfer, Activity Scholarship

Powhattan: Sara Wenger, KSU Marching Band Scholarship and The Mila and William R. Kimel Music Scholarship; Jereld Joseph Yaussi, Medallion Scholarship

Robinson: Brady Key Hoskins, Salina Scholarship-Housing; Laura Brooke Sommers, First in Class Scholarship, Medallion Scholarship and Sarah Watson Memorial Scholarship in Journalism


Butler County

Andover: Kevin Michael Claassen, Engineering Scholarship, Ko-Fang H. Ku Memorial Scholarship and Robert Phillips Fosmire Memorial Scholarship; Carrie Ellen Dotson, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship and Wicks Civic Leadership Scholarship; Jonathan Joseph Eden, Activity Scholarship; Justin Daniel Hagedorn, Memorial Scholarship and Randy Stoecker Agricultural Scholarship; Jessica Erin Harney, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Reagan Rasmussen Hart, Achievement Award and Donald Robert Douglas Memorial Scholarship; Erika Larae Hawley, Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Meghan Elizabeth Heeney, College of Education Scholarship and Dr. John W. and Nadine Demand Memorial Scholarship; Melissa Anne Heeney, Leadership Scholarship; Hayley Donelle Henry, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Tyson Bear Hilyard, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Sarah Jenell Huelskamp, C. Q. Chandler III Business Administration Scholarship, R. E. 'Gene' and Mary Beth Bonnell Scholarship and Vance L. Burch Scholarship; Brianna Marie Hulett, Fairchild Scholarship; Grace Elizabeth Jackson, Arts & Sciences Excellence and Statistics; Kassidy A Kaiser, College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Fund and Transfer Scholarship; Taylor Wilson Kinney, Arts & Sciences Excellence; Alexander John Lievens, Fairchild Scholarship; Nathen Ray Lippert, Conco Scholarship in Construction Science and Management; Tyler Joseph Maneth, Lyness Family Scholarship and Medallion Scholarship; Jeddidiah Rogers Russell, Opportunity Scholarship; Daniel Edward Theisen, Engineering Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and J. O. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship; Allison Ashley Tozier, Leadership Scholarship; Hannah Weimer, Veterinary Medicine Telefund Scholarship; Stephen Dominic Zuiss, DOW Chemical Company Foundation Scholarship for the Kansas State University Department of Chemical Engineering and Engineering Scholarship; Edward Patrick Zuiss, Industrial Engineering Excellence Fund and Moritz and Selma Auerbach Scholarship

Augusta: Natalie Marie Caldarera, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; Austin Cederberg, Transfer Scholarship; Quentin David Cox, Engineering Scholarship; Hannah Marie Garcia, LeVelle Wood Scholarship Fund and Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Luke Andrew Werhan, Arts & Sciences Excellence; Brian Michael Williams, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, The Eugenia Fairman McNall Award Fund and Velma Morris Hagans Music Scholarship

Benton: Travis Mitchell Beery Bailey, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship and W.L. and Alberta Doyle Memorial Scholarship; Alexandra Nicole Burden, Opportunity Scholarship and Robert K. and Dale J. Weary Scholarship; Lindsey Varee Hoctor, Dean's Choice Scholarship

Cassoday: Breana Kay Nelson, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship

Douglass: Jessica Alexus Albers, Pearl M. Kennedy Scholarship; David Harris Araiza, Engineering Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Nicole Marie Araiza, Memorial Scholarship; Taylor Ann Oliver, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship and Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Adam Louis Schauf, ADM Alliance Nutrition Feed Science Scholarship; Ryan Thomas Troxler, Engineering Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Heather Suzanne Woods, Debate Scholarship and Jon David Wagner Scholarship

El Dorado: Elizabeth S Francis, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Cameron Andrew Harder, Engineering Scholarship; Spencer Douglas Jensen, Activity Scholarship; Claire Brooke Jensen, Dean's Choice Scholarship and John G. Sayler Family Scholarship; Benjamin Michael Kuestersteffen, Aspera Inc Computer Engineering Scholarship, Engineering Scholarship and Moritz and Selma Auerbach Scholarship; Ashley Jo Leckliter, Foundation Scholarship and Ira H. Graham Memorial Scholarship; Wesley Alan Nyberg, Dr. Albert Niu Lin Civil Engineering Project Laboratory and Engineering Scholarship; Joshua Courchaine Peiffer, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Dustin Lane Turner, John K. Vanier II Scholarship and National Science Foundation Elite Scholarship; Bradley David Williams, Engineering Scholarship; Brenton Duane Williams, Engineering Scholarship

Leon: Katie Lynn Powell, Pearl M. Kennedy Scholarship; Kristin Renee Willhite, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship and Wichita Area Big Wheels

Rosalia: Sonya Ann Merwin, Arts & Sciences Excellence

Rose Hill: Samantha Marie Carlson, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Gregory Lincoln Kimball, Architecture and Design Scholarship, Dean's Advisory Council Scholarship and The Mulanax Family Scholarship; Kelsey Dean Nelson, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship

Towanda: Benjamin Craig Harstine, Mark A. Chapman Scholarship; Megan Blair Wood, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

Whitewater: Blaine Busenitz, Activity Scholarship and Agriculture Enhancement; Evan Michael Busenitz, Engineering Scholarship; Brittany Carol Claassen, Achievement Award and Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Courtney Elaine Claassen, Achievement Award; Stephanie Kay Entz, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship; Kari Dawn Thiessen, Foundation Scholarship; Joshua Gregg Toevs, Foundation Scholarship and Future Chemists Scholarship