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Source: Bill Gross, 785-826-2970,
News release prepared by: Rebecca Van Allen, 785-826-2642,

Friday, Jan. 14, 2011


SALINA -- Kansas State University at Salina aviation students have earned pilot and flight ratings during the fall 2010 semester.

Students receiving a private pilot certificate have completed a minimum of 35 hours of flight time during 30 lessons. The certificate means pilots can fly with passengers in good weather both day and night.

To earn the instrument pilot rating, students complete an additional 35 hours of flight instruction above the private pilot certificate and complete 30 additional lessons. The rating means a pilot can fly in inclement weather with passengers both day and night.

A commercial pilot certificate is earned when students complete a minimum of 40 hours of cross-country flight training and 15 hours in a complex, high performance airplane. Pilots with a commercial pilot certificate will have completed a minimum of 190 total hours of flight training since their first flight.

With a multiengine airplane rating, students have demonstrated proficiency in a twin-engine airplane. A pilot with this rating is licensed to fly an airplane with two or more engines.

Students have the opportunity to earn a certified flight instructor certificate upon completion of their commercial rating by passing a written and practical exam administered by the Federal Aviation Administration. As a certified flight instructor, pilots can train students in the operation of a single-engine airplane.

Students receiving a certified instrument flight instructor rating have completed 15 additional hours of flight training beyond the certified instructor rating certificate. With this certification pilots can train other pilots who desire to obtain an instrument rating.

To be certified as a multiengine instructor, pilots must have 15 hours of twin-engine training, receive an endorsement from their flight instructor and pass a practical exam demonstrating their skills in this type of aircraft. A multiengine instructor trains other pilots working on a multiengine rating.

K-State Salina students earning pilot and/or flight ratings include:

Jordan Cousland, junior in professional pilot, Beloit, private pilot certificate; Brandy Shaw, December 2010 bachelor's graduate in aeronautical technology, Bucklin, certified instrument flight instructor rating; Chelsea McChesney, senior in professional pilot, Burden, commercial pilot certificate; Peter Buffkin, senior in professional pilot, De Soto, multiengine airplane rating; Lance Bartel, senior in professional pilot and aviation safety, Hillsboro, certified instrument flight instructor rating; Josh Stacey, December 2010 bachelor's graduate in aeronautical technology, Hutchinson, certified instrument flight instructor rating; Bradley Jacobson, senior in professional pilot, Leawood, commercial pilot certificate; Anthony Greer, senior in technology management and professional pilot, Liberal, multiengine airplane rating; Kyle Simpson, junior in professional pilot, Mulvane, certified instrument flight instructor rating; Josh Stock, junior in technology management, professional pilot and engineering technology, Salina, certified flight instructor certificate; Kristen Lingg, senior in professional pilot and aviation safety, Stockton, commercial pilot certificate; James Schreiner, sophomore in professional pilot, Wakeeney, private pilot certificate.

From Wichita: Lee Anderson, freshman in professional pilot, private pilot certificate; and Christopher Davis, junior in professional pilot, commercial pilot certificate.

Kevin Parsons, junior in professional pilot, Winfield, private pilot certificate.

From out of state:

From Colorado: Jeremy Bushnell, freshman in professional pilot, private pilot certificate, and Zachary Powell, senior in professional pilot and aviation safety, multiengine instructor certificate, both from Colorado Springs.

Adam Rasmussen, junior in professional pilot, Clear Lake, Iowa, private pilot certificate; Matthew Walrath, freshman in engineering technology, Gorham, Maine, private pilot certificate; Ethan Frazier, freshman in professional pilot, Monett, Mo., instrument pilot rating.

From Nebraska: Colton Daum, junior in professional pilot, Dix, certified flight instructor certificate; and Joel Harts, junior in professional pilot, Omaha, private pilot certificate.

Zachary Martin, freshman in professional pilot, Ramer, Tenn., private pilot certificate; Ryan Enebo, junior in professional pilot, Sanger, Texas, certified instrument flight instructor rating.

From out of country: Tomu Takase, senior in technology management, Toyama-Ken Nanto, Shimoyoshie, Japan, multiengine airplane rating.