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Sources: Fred Newton, 785-532-6927,;
and Arthur J. Rathbun, 785-532-6927,
News release prepared by: Abigail Crouse, 785-532-5888,

Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010


MANHATTAN -- Being a college student can be fun but also stressful. Since 1990, Kansas State University's January intersession has included a class that can help students learn to manage the anxiety that sometimes comes with college life.

K-State counseling services staff members Fred Newton, psychologist, and Art Rathbun, biofeedback specialist, will team-teach Stress Management, EDCEP 502 and 802, during January intersession, which runs from Dec. 27-Jan. 12, 2011. Both instructors are experts in the field. Newton has 30 years' experience in college student counseling, and Rathbun has given hundreds of presentations on stress management.

"There are a lot of changes that happen during the college years. There are also more issues in the larger culture than there were when we first started to teach the course," Rathbun said.

Newton says students frequently indicate stress comes from too much to do and not enough time. Other reasons include problems with relationships, finances, competition for jobs, fears, disappointments and conflicts with others.

The intersession course looks at what stress is and focuses on managing it.

"We help students identify what their stressors are, the causes and stress responses. We also provide training on the various types of stress management that can be learned and used," Newton said. "Life skills, including managing stress, making decisions and learning self-regulation, are key to student success."

Rathbun said that good stress management skills can lead to a better, more productive life now and in the future.

The class is offered each semester, but the intersession class can be completed in three weeks, giving students more time to get ahead for spring term, according to Newton and Rathbun.

A YouTube video on K-State intersession that features Rathbun, the stress management course, and other course offerings, is available at The video includes testimonials from intersession course instructors and students, highlighting the variety and benefits of K-State intersession.

For more information about intersession and other courses available through the K-State Division of Continuing Education, visit