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The report from the National Research Council about the previously agreed decision to build the NABF in Manhattan, Kansas has raised significant issues worthy of careful study. It may well be that adjustments need to be made as to how the staff and facilities of the new center will be isolated from the staff and facilities of the veterinary institutions and football stadium that are already operational in this area. In addition, proper emergency response facilities and trained personnel must be operational to handle any potential pathogen exposure. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that the original decision to build the NABF in Manhattan remains appropriate.

The benefits of having the NABF in Manhattan are clear: the NBAF will give scientists the ability to conduct research on pathogens which threaten the health of our nation's livestock population and citizens. At the same time, this facility will ensure our nation's agricultural security for decades and generate a large workforce that will have a significant economic boost to the citizens of Manhattan and the surrounding communities. What is now requiredis to work out the operating procedures that will ensure the health and safety of the staff of the new center, the staff and animals of existing facilities and the welfare of the people and animals of Kansas. With the experience we have already gained in Kansas we should be able to tackle these health and safety issues.


Juergen Richt
Regents Distinguished Professor
Kansas State University