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Prepared by: Lydia Peele is a Kansas State University senior in mathematics education from Olathe
and student body president. She can be contacted at 785-532-6541 or

Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008


MANHATTAN -- As Kansas State University's student body president, it is my privilege to be the voice of K-State students. As such, I want to express our ongoing support of K-State and the state of Kansas in their bid to secure the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility.

In March 2007, the K-State Student Senate passed a resolution expressing this support by unanimous consent. Similar to what has been said about the unprecedented cooperation between our state's top political leaders, it is also not often that every member of our Student Senate, with representatives from every college, comes together to support a cause.

Quoting the resolution, it is clear that "housing the NBAF at K-State would provide students the opportunity for world-class internships and part-time jobs in cutting-edge agricultural research." The unique relationship that exists between our community and K-State students can only be made stronger by a partnership with a facility such as this.

Our university already has a history of providing the best and brightest to agricultural research, including the Biosecurity Research Institute at Pat Roberts Hall and our highly respected College of Veterinary Medicine. Our students set high academic goals and are extremely motivated to reach them. This is no more evident than in the 124 K-Staters who have become Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater and Udall scholars since 1986.

It only makes sense to continue this history of excellence by housing NBAF right here in Manhattan. Students would benefit enormously, as well as the world-class scientists and researchers that would become a part of our community. K-State takes pride in opportunities for undergraduates to do research. Students are excited about the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with such esteemed professionals and welcome the unquestioned impact such work would have on an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral education.

As an integral part of the Manhattan community, we students also appreciate the positive economic impact that would result from the influx of new scientists, engineers, technology specialists and construction jobs.

K-State students are ready. We see no better place in America to house NBAF than Kansas State University and would be proud to respond to some of our nation's most pertinent security challenges.